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John of God Spiritual Tour - What to expect in a Group

*If you need a different date to the ones listed or they state full, please contact us via email and we will try our best to accommodate you


If you are interested in joining me on a trip to Brazil, or just want more information about future trips, please email me at We can start to arrange a date for you and also assist you through preparing for your trip.


If you cannot come to Brazil, I can take your photo and present it to John of God, check out “John of God distance healing” 

John of God


John of God is probably the world’s most renowned spiritual healer. He is based in central Brazil and up to 500 people a day currently visit. As featured recently on Oprah, John of God is a full trans medium who incorporates spirits into his body to perform spiritual and physical healings. Many people come to see him who have “incurable” ailments but this is only a small part of the picture. Many people come here for spiritual enlightenment, help with emotional issues, even financial issues. But almost everyone will tell you their visit is life changing. You may have heard about the physical healing that he does only in Brazil and during a trip you will be able to see these close up. But most of the healings he does are by invisible healing. Some people are chosen for an invisible spiritual intervention.

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