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How it all started, the journey

and where I am today 


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Gail Thackray

Gail is a success coach who believes we can be both materially successful and lead a spiritually empowered life. 


She is the author of “30 Days to Prosperity: A workbook to Manifest Abundance,” “What’s Up with Your Life? Finding and Living Your True Purpose,” and several spiritual books on Natural Healing, Reiki and Developing Intuition. Gail has led groups around the world seeking inner truth and spiritual enlightenment. She is extremely intuitive helping people embrace these aspects into their daily lives.


Recently, Gail surprised us all with her latest book, “Running with Wolves,” revealing her former life as a mega business mogul at the launch of the adult Internet.


“I wanted to be authentic. I used to have a very successful adult business, but I packed it away to pursue a spiritual quest. I found meaning in speaking and helping others in the spiritual world, but I rarely talked about what I used to do.


In my teachings I talk about loving your whole-self, as our past molds who we are today. I was not a victim, and my life was strangely fun and exciting, but even I was afraid to share because of what people might think. It was important for me to embrace my past now and write my story.”


Now I want to help people to accept themselves fully, so they can release themselves from fears of the past and experience all that life has to offer.


My goal is to bring spiritual principles to the entrepreneurs and business leaders and to help spiritual followers achieve material success.

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