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John of God Spiritual Tour - Testimonials

*If you need a different date to the ones listed or they state full, please contact us via email and we will try our best to accommodate you


If you are interested in joining me on a trip to Brazil, or just want more information about future trips, please email me at We can start to arrange a date for you and also assist you through preparing for your trip.


If you cannot come to Brazil, I can take your photo and present it to John of God, check out “John of God distance healing” at the end.

For those of you that have taken the time to write to me and share your thoughts, thank you so much, this is really helpful for others. Please share by sending me a testimonial to please put in the subject “Testimonial.”


We will include your first name and city, unless you direct us otherwise.


Hello Gail and John of God,


Thank you for today' s meditation and healing.  It was so strong and peaceful at the same time.  Gail, I must tell you the meditations from Hawaii were different from any I have ever experienced.  During the first one I started crying and after the second one I was standing and couldn't stop moving...I was rocking back and forth very gently, but I couldn't stop...It was quite beautiful...I am so grateful to you and I will be with you while you are with John of God and I will see you when you return to LA...I am so grateful to you for presenting my name to John of God and I thank you for sharing your energy and gifts...Love and Hugs, Diane Desmond

Meditated while you were with John of God - Gail, I just wanted to tell you about what happen to me.  I had a couple of intentions in mind for me and another person when you went.  I meditated all week while you were with John of God.  The first one will seem very minor to you but I couldn't believe it.  I had lost my glasses at a place I had visited with a friend a week prior, they could not seem to find them anywhere.  I left my name and number, called them once, they had found nothing and thought I would never see them again.  This past Saturday they called me and told me they had found them.  I was so surprised but let me explain why this was so important to me.  I have been out of work for quite some thing and was in no position to replace the glasses which were about six years old but very unique that I had bought while in Japan and I needed them for driving, etc.

My second intention was to help me find a new job in a quick manner now that I am in a better position to find a job with all the family issues in order.  Much to my surprise, that Friday before I got the call on the glasses, I had attended a retirement party of a friend of mine from the place I had gotten laid off from a couple of years prior.  Someone, I have know for years walked up to me and asked if I wanted a job.  Do you believe that?  I thought it was going to be hard getting back into the work force and just like that I am offered a job by a person I would love to work for.  

I am forever grateful to you for sending me the information about your trip.  Now I cannot wait to hear what happen to the person I also had sent out intentions for.  They are not in a good place right now and I hope this has helped them.  Again, thanks for your blessings.  You are an angel.   Beryl    

Wow.. how amazing! 


All day Tues I felt very emotional  That eve I fell asleep and close to 3am (Wed morning) I awoke with a if someone tapped me or a loud noise woke me.  As I layed there wondering what just happened, I felt a wave of energy pass over and through me and I experienced a whole body shiver. That is how I feel when a wave of energy hits me, or sometimes when Reiki comes in very strong, but it has never happened to me when I was not aware of what was going on.   I was sort of nervous...what was that?  I felt something gentle on the left side of my face and shoulder...a lose hair?  a breeze?  someone gently touching me?  a spider web?  Then I asked if my guardian angel was there but I suddenly got a vision of John of God sitting in his chair passing blessings on the people coming to see him.  I asked the entities to heal me, clear out my old programs and beliefs, and please cleanse me...spiritually and physically (as I've been consistently under the weather for the past few weeks) so I might be more spiritually connected and better able to serve others.  I felt calmer and I went back to sleep.  When I awoke, turned on my PC to read emails and I read this one.   I was amazed that this email states that around 2am the first healing session began in Brazil.  I knew Gail was off to Brazil but had no idea there would be specific healing sessions for her email list.  I just know that's what it was.  I feel less physically well today, and tired, but am assuming it is more "burning off" of old energies and programs and now can I hope it is a healing reaction??


Please send my enormous gratitude and love to the loving Entities and to John of God himself for giving his life's passion in service to others.  We are all blessed to be here on Earth at the same time as someone like him and we are blessed to have you, Gail, to make the connection and carry the energies for us!!!   Thank you soooo much Gail. 


With joy and love,



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