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John of God Spiritual Tour - Accommodation & Meals


If you are interested in joining me on a trip to Brazil, or just want more information about future trips, please email me at We can start to arrange a date for you and also assist you through preparing for your trip.


If you cannot come to Brazil, I can take your photo and present it to John of God, check out “John of God distance healing” 



This is a small rural town in Brazil, so although we try to reserve the nicer most comfortable accommodations, don’t expect 5 star hotels! Most rooms and private houses are nice, clean but quite basic. I usually reserve my groups either at The San Rafael hotel which is only about a block from the casa. The location is very easy, even for those with disabilities. The rooms are nice, clean but fairly plain. Most rooms are private and include a private bathroom. We also eat most of our meals at this hotel restaurant which makes this extremely convenient. Alternatively I rent private small houses or villas a short walk, about 3 blocks from casa. These are very quaint and set overlooking beautiful countryside. These have both private and shared rooms. The villas and single Casitas are arranged as a group with shared gardens.


"Priority to the Villas is given to families and those sharing. If a room becomes available to be used as a single room it will be offered at $200 additional. If you wish to share we can try to set you up with a roommate but if we don’t have one you will need to pay for a private room."


I have been to John of God about 15 times and have stayed in many different hotels and I really believe we have some of the nicest and closest rooms. However it is rural, we are close to the rain forest so don’t be surprised about the odd critters. When you book your tour we will discuss the options available, talk to you about your specific needs and find the most appropriate accommodations for you.



We have a meal plan at a hotel/restaurant San Rafael next to the Casa. We will eat most of our meals there. Some people will be staying there but even if you are at the villas most meals will be at the San Rafael which is conveniently located next to the casa. Occasionally we will go as a group to another restaurant for a change, like Pizza night. However you are always welcome to eat at the san Rafael if you do not wish to go with the rest if the group. Restaurant meals are served at 6.30 – 8am breakfast, 12-1pm lunch, 6-7pm Dinner, all buffet style. I find that the food in Brazil is fresh and healthy. There is always a large selection buffet style so people with most dietary restriction can usually find options for them. At lunch and dinner there are always vegetarian options and a soy meat substitute as well as chicken and meat dishes. Also buffets always include main dishes several selections, potatoes/starch, lots of Salads, Several Vegetables, Fresh Local Fruit, desert, juice, tea and coffee. 


Those at the Villas will have a small shared kitchen which we stock with breakfast foods and snacks (you can tell us what you like). If you have dietary restrictions please inform us beforehand. We can usually find soy milk and some gluten free items. Those at the Villas may prefer to have breakfast in their villa and perhaps snacks at their villa instead of a full lunch but always have the option to eat at the restaurant. 


Breakfast - 6.30 -8 am -If you are staying at the Rafael breakfast will be in the lobby. If you are staying at the villas, you may want to eat breakfast in your villa where you will be provided breakfast foods and snacks (you can tell us what you like). Or you can eat breakfast at the Rafael on your way to the casa. Buffet at the restaurant usually includes eggs, toast, oatmeal, juices, coffee and tea. Breakfast is ready for 6.30am and left for later people too. On Casa days we will usually eat around 7 am. We will usually finish breakfast and then walk up to the Casa together..


Lunch – 12 pm –On the Casa days everyone is encouraged to have a bowl of blessed soup at the Casa as part of their healing. This is vegetable soup with pasta. This may be enough. A full lunch is served buffet style at the San Rafael restaurant at 12pm daily. Those at the villas can go to San Rafael or skip lunch and have snacks at their villa.


Dinner – 6 pm –most evening meals will be served at the San Rafael restaurant. This is buffet style and will usually have choices to suit most dietary needs. We may decide as a group to eat at a different restaurant or location. If you decide not to join the group you can always eat at the regular restaurant. 


Surgery – If you have had surgery you will need to stay in your room for 24 hrs. In this case we will bring food to your room. You can tell us beforehand what type of food you would like.


Fruities – there is a great coffee and smoothie place that is a nice social hang out and also serves food all day. This is not on our food plan though I usually treat my group to one night out there, other than that you are on your own.


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