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Finding Your Sexiness Podcast

Your sexiness shines when you awaken your true potential for love, health and abundance

Successful people share their secrets to obtaining happiness in business, love and life

Podcast Produced By Marco Merhi

What is charisma? What is that secret "it" that makes you stand out?

How do you attract abundance? How do you reach your goals?

Listen to the full-length podcast below!



Future Special Guests:

  • Dannion Brinkley (Saved by the Light)

  • Jimmy Church (Fade to Black Radio, Coast to Coast Radio)

  • Dr. Q Moayad (Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute)

  • Kaya Wittenburg (Abundance Coach, Fashion Model, Award-Winning Businessman)

  • Zarathrustra (Activating Your Potential)

  • Robert Wise (Producer, Black Jesus)

  • Lori Spagna (Removing Negative Patterns)

  • The Chanel Julius (Advice from the Higher realms) and much more.

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