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Become a member of my Inner Circle and work with me to develop your intuition and spiritual enlightenment.

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  • join my group and work with me directly to develop your intuition, manifest abundance and bring success and happiness into your life.

  • gain access to exclusive online content, interact on my groups, comment and send me messages.

  • be part of my Manifesting Group Experiment and other online group sessions.

  • be on my Success List (for health, love and abundance) where I will email you when I am going to do energy sessions or take your name to a special place where you will be invited to be included.

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  • receive an individual distant attunement from me upon sign up to re-align your energy for love, health & abundance.

  • have access to unlimited attunements ongoing for only $5 an attunement ($55 value), whenever you need help with finances or deeper intuition.

  • have access to an unlimited amount of distance healings at only $44 ($150 value).

  • be invited to send me your birthdate so I can work with you more closely using your numerology & energy map.

  • be on my Success List and will be notified and included in any VIP energy sessions for healing or abundance.

  • have closer interaction, coaching and messaging.

  • get first choice on special tickets, freebies and additional items I may have only available for VIP members.

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Full content, videos, books and more

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