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John of God Spiritual Tour - John of God and the Spirits

*If you need a different date to the ones listed or they state full, please contact us via email and we will try our best to accommodate you


If you are interested in joining me on a trip to Brazil, or just want more information about future trips, please email me at We can start to arrange a date for you and also assist you through preparing for your trip.


If you cannot come to Brazil, I can take your photo and present it to John of God, check out “John of God distance healing” 

John of God


John of God is probably the world’s most renowned spiritual healer. He is based in central Brazil and up to 500 people a day currently visit. As featured recently on Oprah, John of God is a full trans medium who incorporates spirits into his body to perform spiritual and physical healings. Many people come to see him who have “incurable” ailments but this is only a small part of the picture. Many people come here for spiritual enlightenment, help with emotional issues, even financial issues. But almost everyone will tell you their visit is life changing. You may have heard about the physical healing that he does only in Brazil and during a trip you will be able to see these close up. But most of the healings he does are by invisible healing. Some people are chosen for an invisible spiritual intervention.

Trips To Brazil


I take groups of my clients to Brazil to see John of God. People often report this is a life changing experience. You are invited to join our group and experience a beautiful 12 days in Brazil.


Cost Of The Trip with Gail $2,150 (based on shared room)

Cost Of The Trip with Robert $1,650.00 (based on shared room)

  • $400 addtl. for single private room

  • $100 ea. addtl day over end date of trip or if arriving early

  • $100 addtl. Private Taxi fee if arrive or depart at different time then rest of group

  • $300 non refundable deposit to reserve your space and the remainder due no later than 30 days before travel.

What Does the Trip Include


  • Transportation to and from the airport (you will be picked up by a private driver) *Please note that there is a $100 addtl private taxi fee if you arrive or depart at a different time than the rest of the group

  • Hotel/ Private Villas (I rent a very nice hotel less than a block from the casa or I rent private small houses with beautiful shared gardens very close to the casa)

  • All meals

  • Blessed water for your room (two large bottles).

  • Trips to the sacred waterfall with Taxi

  • Taxis as needed to the hotel or villa (such as after surgery)

  • A crystal bed session

  • Guidance and group time with Gail

  • Assistance at the Casa

  • Donation to the Casa

  • Gail’s book and DVD

What It Does Not Include


  • Flight

  • Additional Crystal Bed Sessions

  • Herbs if prescribed

  • Spending Money (Casa gift shop and in town. Casa takes credit cards and US dollars)

What To Expect On the Trip


For each person it is a very individual healing experience. Some people go with a physical ailment that they wish to resolve while others just go out of a curiosity or a desire for spiritual enlightenment. For most it is a personal spiritual journey with a lots of quiet introspective time, meditation and contemplation. Do not expect this to be an action packed adventure with lots of sight seeing. It is quite the opposite. Even on the days that the Casa is not in session, you will continue to feel your healing taking place and trips outside the area are discouraged. I found that the spirits seemed very close and I could sense and clearly talk with them. Most people at least have a sense of this loving energy surrounding them. In fact the spirits are already working with you long before you even arrive and some may sense their presence or that “things just seem to fall into place.” Try not to set expectation, try to just go with the flow and see what is meant for you, as each will experience what is right on their journey. For those that have an agenda, perhaps are healers for a living, you will be expected to leave your ego at the door. You are here to be healed and to experience the loving energy as the spirits direct it to you.

What I do


The trip is about you, your personal journey and your connection to John of God and the spirits. I provide support and insight and will be available to guide you through the process. I cannot do any kind of energy work on you myself. You will be protected and cared for by the benevolent spirits and they know exactly what is right for you and this is why John of God does not want any other changes in your energy. So I can be there to support you and guide you and help you to decipher the process. It can be confusing at the Casa, especially your first time and the Casa recommends that you come with a guide or a friend that is experienced. Going with someone that is experienced means that you can relax and concentrate on your experience. Many people find sharing with me and other’s in the group that they are more easily able to process the experience and be open to receiving.



The Casa is in session, meaning John of God is present and in entity, twice a day on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. In the mornings starting at 8 am and in the afternoon at 2 pm. The Casa has a protocol that makes it run very smoothly, organizing visitors into a first time line, second timers and other lines. You will be expected to follow the protocols and you will be directed and given translators to help you. So your first time in front of John of God will probably be on the Wednesday morning session. From there on you may be given a “surgery” or other directions and so you may be going back to see John of God on the continuing days or you may be invited to sit in the “current” or meditation rooms. If you have a “surgery” you will be taking it easy at the hotel for the next day. Don’t worry you will be guided through the process and we will assist you in following the protocols and getting the most out of your spiritual journey. During a Casa two weeks you may be going in front of John Of God several times and you will probably spend several sessions “in current”, meditating during the sessions. You will also have the opportunity to ask for healings for others. On Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, most of the time will be spent in quiet reflection. Some people may be still under “surgery” from the spirits but all will be under the guidance of the spirits even when John of God is not in session. We will be making trips to the sacred waterfall on the Casa property and directing you in this spiritual cleansing. You will also have the opportunity to experience the crystal beds at the Casa. There are religious services in English and Portuguese at certain times at the Casa that you can attend and also the shop at the Casa will be open. There is a small town with some delicious acai berry juice bars and shops that are great to browse. Gail will often do evening group circles which include group meditations and discussions. Gail will also be available so that you can come to her with private question and concerns about your healing. Gail will be staying at the villas and eating with everyone, so she will be very much part of the group and you will be able to get personal advice and spiritual insight. Also Gail may invite other guides or mediums to talk with our group.



After you have paid your deposit, please wait to hear from us before you book your flight so that we can coordinate your trip. We usually have some discount codes for flights as well. You will be flying into Brasilia airport.

Shorter/Longer visits


There is a discount for one week please inquire. If you are interested in staying on longer, Gail can organize that you can stay longer at a reduced rate.



*I have read and agree to terms 

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