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Jim Morrison from the Other-Side

I’m excited about visiting Jim Morrison’s grave in Paris. I hadn’t planned this on our trip, I’d left that to my tour guide there, but somehow things are arranged for us in the spirit world. Read below why I am so intrigued:

If you want to join me in France Jul 15-22 and UK 22-29 hurry you can hop a plane, call 818 890 6111 or email me click here for more info on the trip

I am at an open air event, chatting with a lady and giving her a little reading. Suddenly, a spirit pops in. This is no ordinary spirit; this one is a well-known celebrity spirit. This can’t be true; I must be imagining it. But I have learned to throw out any bits of info I get, even the ones that seem crazy, so here goes!

“There is a famous musician here in spirit that wants to come in and connect.”

She laughed, '”Well, actually, I was a roadie back in the 60s and 70s, so I worked with a couple of famous musicians. The most famous you would know. Do you want me to tell you who?”

“No, don't tell me.” I had a certain very famous musician in mind, but I felt kind of silly saying the name. It seemed very unrealistic and a little corny. Oh, what the heck. If I’m wrong, so what? I blurted out, “Jim Morrison.”

''Oh my God!” she shrieked in delight. Yes, yes, that’s him! I roadied for him. He was amazing. I still feel his presence.”

At that very moment, the piped-in music playing at the event changed songs and a very sexy voice faded in. “Come on, baby, light my fire” The two of us turned and stared at each other for a split second and then just completely cracked up. “Wow, Jim Morrison, that was a clear sign! Thank you.” This was the first time I really swooned at someone in spirit! “Cool,” I thought. I was quite chuffed about it (that’s Yorkshire for pleased as punch).

A couple of weeks go by and I'm set to do a lecture in LA. As I'm driving along, I start thinking about Jim Morrison and the little connection at the fair, but it’s more than that. Now, am I just thinking about him or is he present in my car? Is this real? Am I really communicating with Jim Morrison or is this just a conversation I am having in my head? I'm not sure. “Are you really here?” I ask.

“Yes, I’m here!”

Still, it could be my imagination answering, I reasoned with myself. Then, at that very moment, the song on the radio changes and that deep sexy voice comes over once again. “Come on, baby, light my fire” No way, that’s too much of a coincidence! Okay, I’m totally sold. That’s amazing.

“But why? Why would you choose to come through to me?” I ask.

“Because you can hear me!” was the simple reply. Okay, I get that a lot from spirits. I suppose most of us are too busy to notice, so when they get one that can hear them, it’s pretty special.

“I’m coming to help you today,” He continues.

“Coming to help me today? Hah! I'm going to do a talk. Don't think for a second you are going to get me to sing because if I were to sing, people would run a mile.”

We laughed and then in a very cool, sexy tone, he said, “I wasn't about singing. I was about persona.” The whole way he delivered his message came through with a sultry, sexy confidence. Yes, that’s right! Persona. That’s what it is. Sex appeal. So Jim Morrison is coming with me today to give me persona! Wow, I'm honored.

After that day, I find that Jim Morrison seems to pop up pretty much every time I do a public appearance. The bigger the audience, the more I feel him. I have a little preparation meditation that I do before readings or any kind of lecture or event. I just check in with my spirits. I thank them for being there and ask them to be with me. I find that it usually takes them a second or two to come through, or perhaps it takes me a second or two to connect.

I usually start by asking to connect with each of my spirits. I check in, “Are you there?” When they come through, I know because I am able to see them in my mind’s eye. Before the connection has been made, I am unable to visualize them. I can think of their names, but I can’t make them out clearly. It may sound strange, but there is a definite connection with each one, even if it’s only for a split second. As each spirit connects, there is a type of loving download, a wonderful fuzzy feeling that comes over me for a brief moment.

When I ask Jim Morrison if he's there, I can't remember his name until he comes in. So, when I first ask to call him in, I think about him, even though I can't remember his name. Oddly enough, I can’t even remember the name of his band. I'm like, “You know, that rock star from that band. You know who I mean. They had that hit song¼oh it’s on the tip of my tongue¼.” I know it’s strange, but I can’t remember his name. No matter how hard I try, it’s blocked.

Then when his name comes to me and I say “Jim Morrison,” that's how I know he's there. I feel it. I feel the connection. Boy do I feeeeeel it! I feel this amazing air of sexiness come over me and through me, like a rush of shivery coolness envelops me. Wow! Wow! Wow! If I could just bottle that feeling! Plus, he appears to me at his prime, with his shoulder length curls encircling that beautiful face with the sexy, sultry look. His smooth, muscular chest exposed with no shirt. Dark brown leather pants, tighter than tight¼. Okay, I know this is getting weird now! Ladies, you get the picture. I’m sure the guys would rather Marilyn Monroe came through to me! Although my friend Mike in spirit used to be a drummer in a band and when Jim Morrison started to show up, he was ecstatic.

So we can’t choose who comes through to us, the spirits choose us. I am honored that I was chosen. After this had become a regular occurrence, I asked Jim Morrison, ''What should I call you? ‘Jim Morrison’ seems a bit formal. What did your friends call you? Do you want me to call you ‘Jim’ or ‘Jimmy’?”

“Call me ‘Mojo’” was his response.

“Mo Jo?” Do you mean like ‘Jo Mo’ short for Jim Morrison?”

“No, no,” he laughed. “Mojo, like I'm your Mojo!”

I didn't realize what that meant until later when I heard the song L.A. Woman (which I am sure, on some level, he played for me) where he sings “Mr. Mojo Risin"

“Oh, now I get it! Wow! Very cool, thanks.”

So Jim Morrison is my Mojo. When he comes in and I feel that connection, I feel like a rock star. When he comes in, I feel sexy, I feel confident. I feel that persona coming over me. I feel like, oh yeah, that feels great, baby!

So now you know why I am so excited to be there. Perhaps my MoJo will come through.

Grave Ghost of Jim Morrison

If you want to join me in France Jul 15-22 and UK 22-29 hurry you can hop a plane, call 818 890 6111 or email me click here for more info on the trip

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The connection you described with Jim Morrison's spirit reminds me of the unexpected encounters one can have on platforms like omegle new - where you never know who might pop up and what kind of conversation may unfold. It sounds like an amazing and empowering experience to feel his presence guiding and inspiring you. I hope your upcoming trip to Paris allows you to further explore this unique spiritual bond.

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