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10 tips to Protect yourself Psychically

Some people are prone to picking up negative energies but also if you are doing any type of spiritual work it is wise to do some psychic protection.

To do this surround yourself with images and objects of high vibration that represent the highest white light and that resonate with you. Negative energies are going to be repelled by such objects and not attracted to you. Any attachments, ghost or negative thought forms you have already picked up will also be uncomfortable staying when you raise the vibration of yourself, your aura and your spaces. Some items you will find particularly resonate with you, whereas others are not as effective for you. For instance, an object from a saint may work the best for one person whereas another might resonate the best with quartz crystals. These are some of my favorite things I have used:

Frankincense Oil – this brings in the Christ vibration. It is very protective. Place a few drops on your heart chakra or on your pillow to protect you while you sleep. It can also be placed in our home and around objects. It allows angles and higher guides to come in but prevents lower vibrational energies. Click Here

John of God crystals- or any John of God blessed item carries his energy and protection. So you can wear a blessed pendant or a crystal can be placed in your home for protection. Click Here

Top 10 ways to protect yourself

  1. Wear a protection piece such as; Vogel shaped Pendant or made from an Angel Aura crystal, Smokey quartz crystal, rutilated quartz or Turquoise.

  2. Place Blessed oil or Frankincense oil on your heart chakra or around your room.

  3. Use John of God crystals or John of God blessed items, which carry the protection energy from John of God.

  4. Surround your home with Salt or place cups of salt in the corners of your room. You can use a salt scrub on your body to remove negative energy.

  5. Smudge with Sage, Palo Santos, Sweet Grass, Cedar, Incense. Use the smoke to smudge your home especially in the corners.

  6. Wear or use a cross especially a Celtic cross. In particular this helps with nightmares if you sleep wearing it or above your bed.

  7. Light a candle; white or purple. Make sure it is in a safe place and if you can leave it overnight such as in a bath tub this would be great.

  8. Use Holy water or Blessed Water on your heart or around your house.

  9. Place a piece of Black Tourmaline inside your house door believed to stop negative energies from entering. You can also find pendants and items to wear made of black tourmaline.

  10. Invoke Angels & Saints with paintings around your home. Rose oil is also thought to invoke the protection of Angels

I have many of these items in my shop Click Here

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