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John of God – Update from Brazil

John of God denies Sexual Assault Claims,

For those of you following the news about John of God, I just received an update from friends at the casa, John of God’s healing center in Brazil.

While the casa continues to be swarmed by paparazzi and John of God is still being held in custody, the casa is open and people reporting incredible energy and amazing healing. Of course, John has always said, “I am just the medium, God is the one who heals.” It seems the healing work continues.

The Casa is running in the same way that they would when John of God travelled to the US. The sessions continue on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, twice a day, starting at 8am and again at 2pm Brazilian time. Half the people opt to sit in the “current” and meditate while the other half opt to line up to see John of God. Normally people would line up in front of John of God and pass by him, giving their requests. People are asked to write 3 things on a paper that they would like help with. For instance, a specific health issue, help with love life and finances, might be 3 requests. One benevolent spirit is inside John of God while thousands are actually working in the room. While The Medium (John of God) is away, people still line up and still write their requests, but they pass in front of his chair, and leave their requests at the chair. Many say they can still feel the sense of love and thousands of spirits there.


So, it seems the spirits of the white light continue to give amazing healings.

3000 people a day would attend these sessions, right now less than half going but the people there are saying the energy and the healing is incredible.

If you meditate and connect in at a distance, you can still experience this energy anywhere in the world. Just do a meditation at the same time as the Casa session (usually early in your morning). If you have a crystal from the casa hold it during meditation.

The people can also go to the waterfall, pray at the triangles and go on the crystal beds and meditate in the gardens. There are NO SPIRITUAL INTERVENTIONS while John of God is not there. This is where a room of people would opt to have an “invisible operation,” similar to a blessing. Of course, the spirits can still work on people through the current meditation and passing in the line.

The press are still there, and John of God actually asked that a tent be set up for them and that they be treated nicely. John of God asked the casa staff to continue running the center as they would while he was away with deep love and respect for all.

People can still get herbs if they wish, by including that on their request paper when they go inline. Unfortunately, the police RAIDED THE HERBS AT THE CASA TAKING ALL THE HERBS AND THE EQUIPMENT stating that it was to be reviewed for “sanitation.” So, herbs are going to be coming in by the end of the month.

As far as what is going on with John of God himself: John of God drove himself to the police station on December 16th and they have kept him in since then on allegation of sexual assault that he adamantly denies. He is being held on supposed charges involving two women.

Is what they say true? All I can say is that I have been taking groups to see him for almost 10 years, I have worked closely with him writing my book and doing the movie John of God Just A Man, as well as taking him to Toronto. I have been alone with him many times and he has never said or done anything inappropriate. I have never heard of anyone having these supposed “private sessions.” I have asked my girlfriends at the casa who have been there for years, all said the same thing, they have never heard of anything like that and we are all shocked.

I hope that people who have been to the casa will share your stories.

I was featured in NewsWeek. I wrote the book “Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journey’s: Visiting John of God,” and produced the movie, “John of God Just a Man,”

The book is now available as an audio book

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