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Power Animals

The Native American’s believe we each have a Power Animal. This is an animal that is assigned to us at birth in a similar way to a spirit Guide. The best way to meet your power, is during a Native American Journey to the underworld. The Native American’s use the sound of drums to take them into a light trance as they meditated. Then they imagine going down into the earth on a spiritual journey. You call on your Power Animal to protect you on your journey. You will know your power animal by the way they present themselves to you. They will show you three sides of themselves; their front, their back and their side. I will take you there shortly. We often take on the characteristics of those animals. Have a go at guessing your friends Power Animal based on their personality and you will often be right. Here are a few examples of the person’s personality traits based on their power animal:

Beaver: The builders, doers, hard workers. Make wonderful homemakers.

Bird: The writers, actors and those that like to get the message out to others.

Butterfly: A person with great transformation and brings great transformation to the world.

Deer: quiet and thinks carefully before making a move. Very sweet and loving.

Dragon: Powerful, magical, great with business, can be fiery.

Elephant: old reliable, trusted friend. Can be slow to move but you know they will always get the job done.

Horse: family orientated, as always likes to be part of a heard. They love to sometimes run wild and free and be adventurous brut will always come back to the herd.

Lion: Likes to be in the spotlight. Other love to be around them. A leader who takes care of everyone.

Tiger: strong personality, holds the attention of others. But very careful planner.

Tortoise: Not quick to act but very reliable and always gets the job done.

Snail: Homebody, loving and caring.

Snake: A careful planner, innovative and also medical.

Unicorn: the mystics, healers, have a magic touch.

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