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Sacred France Tour

15th – July 22nd  2014

Sacred France and Crop Circles England


France July 15th-22nd    England July 22nd-29th  


 one week or do both weeks and save!!!


$2995 one week  $4495 both


To see more information about


Crop Circle/England Week Go Here 

If you are adventurous and can hop a plane at the last minute, I’m inviting a select few people to join  

me on my filming trips to France and England.




France  - Brittany

Templars , Megaliths , Healing waters , Arthurian legends , Haunted Paris Catacombs, Sacred sites




July 15th 2014 Arrival in Paris

July 16th Visiting Paris


July 17th  Take off to Brittany - Visit of Broceliande ( Famous Magical Forest with Merlins Tomb and lots of Megaliths) Sleep near Carnac

















                                                                                    July 18th Visit Carnac : Biggest Megalithic site in the world – Impressive!



Sleep in Dinan


Merlin's Tomb

July 19th + 20th  Fete des Remparts : Although its theme is the Middle Ages, the Fête des Remparts is nonetheless very much of its time. Everyone, whether young or not-so-young, can enjoy taking part in this unusual role-play game, devised in 1983. And this landmark event in Bertrand Du Guesclin's home town looks just as much fun as ever.


Every 2 years, the people of Dinan take the Fête des Remparts by storm. With jousting, medieval markets, open-air dances, a great parade and many other shows and events, this festival takes visitors back in time, surrounded by local inhabitants dressed in medieval attire for the occasion. Every two years, there’s a different theme: medieval fears and beliefs, festivities, buildings and builders, all done with great panache so that visitors can discover the daily lives of our ancestors! It’s also the ideal occasion to discover or rediscover this charming town from a new angle: the 45 metre high clock tower, the convent of the Cordeliers, the Saint-Saveur basilica…All testify to a rich and glorious heritage, the very raison d’etre of this event which celebrates a past filled with myth and legend.

La Fete des Remparts.jpg
La Fete des Remparts5.jpg
La Fete des Remparts4.jpg
La Fete des Remparts3.jpg
La Fete des Remparts2.jpg

Sunday the 20th  in the afternoon : St Malo – an impressive pirate sea town


July the 21st : Mont St Michel & direction Paris sleeping in Chartres 












July the 22nd : Chartres Cathedral in the morning : then to airport Charles de Gaulle for either people going back to the States or coming with us to Uk


Easyjet flight Paris to Bristol 19H arrival 19H10. Pickup minivan and head to Glastonbury (about a 40 minute drive)

Chartres Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral 


Join me on my trip to Sacred France and explore Stone Circles Standing stones and energy grids at incredible Ancient Sacred Sites!!


All at the time of the sacred festivals!

Trip Dates: July 15- July 22  2014


Cost:$2,995.00 per person

Based on shared add $500 single room supplement


Tour price includes pick up/drop off at the airport, transport all over Northern France, (we will have our own vans and driver)


hotels, all meals, tour fees and gratuities.  Also included is a personal psychic attunement from me at one of the sacred sites. 


*This trip will be limited to a very small intimate group so we encourage anyone that wants to join the trip to
reserve their spot today with their
Non-refundable $400.00 deposit      Click here to RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW 

In France we are going at the time of the “Festivals of the Stones”.” 

Brittany holds many sacred secrets with megalthyls and stone formations many times the size of Stonehendge.  

Plus you can get up close and touch these wonderful energy healers.

We'll be arriving just in time for the medieval festivities. 

I’ll be accompanied by a group of experts; real druids, psychics and seers.  

And you can get to come along to experience all of this!!!  

This is a trip where you can reconnect with sacred energy and discover your ancient past. I will guide you to use the powerful energy grid to open your psychic senses. I'll be doing individual psychic openings and helping you to discover your past. This is not a typical "tourist" trip. You can join me while I sense the energy of crop circles and mystical places and involved in ceremonies with local people who know this land. You will be given exclusive private tours with real druids There has never been an opportunity like this before to travel with a powerful medium to such amazing places. You'll meet the real people that tourists never meet and go to places many have never seen.

 Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys Episode Megaliths video

Our adventure takes place in Brittany France

We'll get to meet stone circle experts. Then maybe we will get to stand inside one. If we do I’m ready to give you a psychic attunement right there!!!

Then we'll be following sacred energy lines all over the area of Northern France. We'll include sacred stone circles and private tours with a real druid. who knows the energy.


We'll be filming, if you want to be on camera and share your experience, great. If not, that's ok too. But for sure you will get amazing pics and a video to remember for life.

We will be staying at different heritage hotels.


If you like everything scheduled and at exact times, this is not the tour for you. We have very exciting places and tours lined up but we will be chasing crop circles and following energy so although some things are scheduled it will be an adventure!  About 2/3 of the places will be accessible for all, the other 1/3 will require walking.

Gail has teamed up with old time friend John Mason who is the author of Mystical Britain, Britain's Haunted Houses, Britain's Haunted Castles and many more. His photographs of castles and historic homes are famous worldwide and one was commissioned by the Royal Family and chosen by the Queen for her residence.


As well as Robert Salizar, spiritual Tour guide for over 10 years . Fluent in English, French  and Spanish.

Also we will be guided by some traditional druid masters. These are not typical tourist druids rather they are the real deal and they will be doing exclusive private tours for us around several ancient sites.   We will have a private meeting with the druids, he does not normally do anything public, this is the real deal, they are both genuine Druids that will personally guide us at some of the most sacred and ancient Magical Druidic sites in England!   Also Robert Salizar, who has been leading sacred tours for over 10 years. 





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