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Your Soul Purpose Reflected in the People You Admire

Make a list of people you admire and what specific personality traits or attributes they have that you admire. They can be famous or those whom you know personally, such as an old school teacher, a friend, a relative, or an acquaintance. It can even be someone you only met once. Who you choose does not matter, it is the trait that you admire that is important.

Do not choose someone for what they have or where they are in their life, meaning don’t admire someone because they have a big house or a fancy sports car. Though you can admire the personality trait or Life Tool that enabled them to achieve this abundance and/or maintain it. For example, admiring someone because they inherited a million dollars doesn’t count. Admiring someone for having made a million dollars because you admire their hard work or tenacity means you admire those Life Tools. Make a list of the people you admire. Then, next to each person’s name, write the trait that you admire.

NOTE: Finish your list of who you admire before reading on.

Now reread the list you just made about those whom you admire, looking only at the traits.

These are traits that you possess!

Yes! You can only recognize the traits in someone else that you possess yourself or you wouldn’t be able to recognize it. You may think that everyone must admire that person for that trait, but you would be very surprised to find out otherwise.

When I do workshops, people choose a variety of celebrities and well-known individuals (as well as those in their own family), but what they admire in the person is very different. Two of my clients might admire the same celebrity, but the trait that each client holds in high esteem is completely different. People choose specific traits because they, themselves, have them. We are a reflection of one another and you can only admire a trait in someone else if you have it yourself. You wouldn’t even know what it was if you did not posses it as well. I know this sounds unbelievable, but it is true. If you don’t think you have that trait, then perhaps you have not yet developed it, but you do have it within yourself; you have the potential for that trait.

Sometimes the answers will surprise you. A man in one of my workshops shared that he admired Mother Teresa. When I asked him why, he said it was because (1) she dealt with the poorest communities, and (2) she dealt with people that no one else wanted to deal with and throughout it all, she had compassion. When I told him these were his traits, he looked puzzled. So I inquired what he did for a living. He replied he was a police officer. Did I need to point out that he (1) deals with the poorest communities and (2) deals with people no one else wants to deal with! We called him Office Mother Teresa for the remainder of the workshop!

What you admire in others are the very traits that you have that hold the secret to your Soul Purpose.

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