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Using Numerology for Success: Your True Purpose

Just as you are born under astrological configurations that match your True Purpose, you are born with numerical vibrations that fit as well.

Your True Purpose Number is your destiny and it represents your main life purpose. Some call it your Life Path Number. To find your True Purpose number you will now be adding the month and year to your calculation. If the resulting number is double digit, then simply add the digits together.

For July 6th 1985, your True Purpose Number is:

7 (month) + 6 (day) + 1+9+8+5 (year) = 36 = 3+6 = 9

For December 17th 1974, your True Purpose Number is:

1+2 (month) + 1+7 (day) + 1+9+7+4 (year) = 32 = 3+2 = 5

For March 28th 2005, your True Purpose Number is:

3 (month) + 2+8 (day) + 2+0+0+5 (year) = 20 = 2+0 = 2

My birthday is December 16th 1964

1+2 (month) + 1+6 (day) + 1+9+6+4 (year) = 30 = 3+0 = 3

Now calculate your own True Purpose Number

Month ___ + Day ___ + Year ______ = _______

My True Purpose Number is _________

____________________________________ =

The number of your birth is going to show the vibration of your True Purpose.

Numbers and Their Vibrations


A person born with a number 1 is ambitious and creative. They are pioneers and leaders but can be obstinate. They can be physically strong. This is a great number to start a new project or to begin something new. A person with a number 1 has a True Purpose that may include leadership, innovation, and being a pioneer. They will usually stand out as an individual leader rather than in a team.


A person born with a number 2 makes a great partner. They are harmonious and can be romantic. They are creative but not overly assertive in putting forth their ideas. Their Life Tools may include being a good friend or partner. This is a great number for a partnership or an agreement. A person with a number 2 has a True Purpose that may lie in being in a partnership (business or family) or being a mediator. Sometimes a number 2 will be surprised stating that relationships have been difficult. This may be, as this person’s True Purpose does lie in having a wonderful relationship but they also need to learn through experience what that means. So a person may not experience this until later in life.


A person born with a number 3 is a great communicator, so they generally do well in a business that involves interaction, whether one-on-one or among many. They are social. They make great speakers and authors. They are often in media or advertising. Another aspect of the number 3 is they are also here to have fun, experience joy, and often help others to do the same. A person with a number 3 has a True Purpose that may include advertising, social interaction, or helping people experience the joy of life.


A person born with a number 4 is often an activist, someone fighting for the rights of others. They are creative, finding solutions through negotiation and helping people see things from a different point of view. They tend not to care so much about wealth and the universe takes care of them. They are sensitive, caring people. Someone with a number 4 often has a True Purpose has the flag carrier for a cause. A person with a number 4 may have a True Purpose that goes against the grain and causes positive change in the world.


A person born with a number 5 is a speculator, impulsive, a risk taker, and they make money quickly. They also rebound quickly after a setback and nothing seems to bother them. They make friends very easily. The number 5 is good when a speculative action is needed and quick impulsive action that can bring in a quick windfall. For their True Purpose they often are here to accomplish something in business or that involves being impulsive and taking risks.


A person born with a number 6 tends to be very loving and family-oriented. They make friends easily and are very loyal. They are also the artists of the world. The number 6 is good number for family, caring, and loving energies as well as creative and artistic endeavors. A person with a number 6 may have a True Purpose that is in the creative arts or involves children or family.


A person born with a number 7 is optimistic, adventurous, and independent. They lean towards spirituality or religion but have their own particular ideas. They make great writers, love to travel, and are good in business. The number 7 is good number for leadership and business. A person with a number 7 may have a True Purpose to write, to be a business leader, or a spiritual leader.


The number 8 stands for success and money. A person born on a number 8 is often financially successful. However, they also can be obsessed by money and appear cold or lonely. The number 8 is the most important number for business, success, and manifesting money. The life of a person whose True Purpose Number is an 8 often revolves around money and power.


The number 9 stands for completion. A person born on a number 9 is determined, strong-willed, confident, and usually very successful. Their downfall may be an excess temper. The number 9 has a great energy for completing a project. Their destiny is often to complete something in this life or to finish their True Purpose in this lifetime.

Of course we are influenced by our simple birth number, our birth name numbers and our year number… more for later.

This is an excerpt from my book What’s up with My Life?: Finding & Living Your True Purpose

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