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What are you hiding? 5 steps to release guilt

As we fall under a beautiful full moon, we find our true-selves being revealed. It’s a time of transition and a time of bringing to light our hidden fears.

We are all hiding parts of ourselves that we dislike. Parts where we feel not good enough or hiding the things we feel ashamed about.

But no one is perfect! We all have parts of ourselves that we don’t like. And hiding them, shoving them away and trying to bury them just makes it worse.

You don’t have to share with the whole wide world your sordid past (although that’s exactly what I did recently) but taking a good hard look at yourself and forgiving yourself can be extremely freeing. Do you feel you are not good enough in some area? Do you believe you are dumb about somethings? Do you feel you are a ‘bad person’ in some way? Are you afraid to share things about yourself?

Most of the time, if you take a good hard look at yourself, you will find that you have set yourself too high of a standard. Perhaps you feel you need to be perfect at everything. Or that you needed to accomplish something in life, and you are not there yet, so you feel inadequate. Perhaps you feel you are failing in work or love or your financial life. What you are actually doing in hiding these things, is drawing more of those negative experiences to you. You are creating a negative energy in your body that stops you in many different areas of your life. It may be totally subconscious, but you may feel guilty about something that has been hidden since childhood and it stops you from really flourishing in your career or love life today.

Often this comes from thoughts we create when you are young. Perhaps you were striving for love from a parent and you thought you had to be perfect to gain their love.

Free yourself now!!!

No one is perfect!!! We all make mistakes, we all fail at things, in fact we learn far more from our failures than we ever do from the things we accomplish.

Here’s some ways to release your hidden fears

  1. Identify the parts of you that you have hidden. The things you are afraid people will not like about you if they find out. “I am not good enough because…,” “I am not lovable because….”

  2. Ask yourself, “did I set myself too high of a standard?” are you asking yourself to be perfect to never fail. Do you feel not good enough at something because your standards are ridiculously high?

  3. Why am I setting myself such high standards? Is it because I am seeking the love of a parent? Is it because of what religion taught me? And does it still make sense today?

  4. Now look at others. The things you don’t like about yourself – are these normal things, do other people do the things you are hiding? Are others failing at the things you are failing at?

  5. Love and accept yourself. No one is perfect, and you will learn the most from the things you fail at, so take a good look at where you believe you failed and realize this is the learning part of you, it’s the part that had taught you the most, so thank it and love every part of you!

I am doing a new talk at Conscious Life Expo;

“Finding Your Sexiness” Fri eve Feb 22

Release your Guilt and shame – This workshop might not be what you envision. Sexiness is not about your appearance and how you attract the opposite sex. It’s about loving all parts of yourself and awakening your dreams. We often harbor negative thoughts about ourselves and getting to the root of these is extremely empowering. So, sexiness is about loving yourself first. It’s about living life with zest, and vitality, having love, health and abundance and being passionate in all areas of your life, including your career. In fact, you have more outward charisma when you are passionate about life. People are more attracted to someone who is positive and immersed in what they are doing, no matter what that is.

Join me, I have a few FREE TICKETS for the event in person

LIVE Stream & Recorded Video

It is going to streamed live on Gaia TV as well as all the workshops at the expand they will be available to watch later as well. Sign up for the whole weekend of live streaming for the consciouslife and see my events, plus all the other Amazing speakers; Dannion Brinkley, David Wilcock, Jimmy Church ( Coast to Coast) the Alien panel and spiritual healing panel.

When you sign up for the consciouslife weekend online you get an entire year to Gaia TV for free

Plus use my link to sign up, give me your confirmation and I will give you an ADDITIONAL $50 certificate back for anything on my shop!

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