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Creating Your True Purpose Statement

Let’s do some soul searching and craft a statement that describes your True Purpose. You are going to incorporate the themes in your life that you found. You want your True

Purpose Statement to be essentially one sentence in length.

As you dig deep, search to put words to your True Purpose. You want to define the meaning of your True Purpose and put it into a sentence or statement about your life path. It is okay if you end up changing the final wording; it is the process of discovering yourself that’s important. This sentence will help you to better understand the meaning of your True Purpose or mission. The words will serve to remind you of this Purpose.

As you formulate your sentence, remember that your True Purpose is also going to be a means through which you will serve. This service to others may be friends and family, children, or the masses. Perhaps it will be to help animals, the environment, or Mother Earth. Our True Purpose brings us great pleasure and satisfaction, but it also serves others. Make sure that when you formulate your statement, it expresses a way in which you serve.

As well as serving others, you are also serving and nurturing a need in yourself. Your True Purpose is going to be something that you enjoy and love doing. Remember, your Purpose is never going to be “to experience being miserable” or “to be poor” or “be unwanted.” It’ll be nothing of the kind, so don’t give in to self-pity. Your Purpose could be to get through a challenge and achieve something, but it is never just to be in pain or poverty. Remember, it is for the highest good for yourself and others.

Play around with statements, then “try them on.” Ask yourself how you feel about that Purpose. If it is your True Purpose, it will “feel” right.

True Purpose Statement Examples

The following are examples of True Purpose Statements. However, each of us is a complex human being with a very individual True Purpose, so each of us will have our own unique statement. I’ve provided these to help you as you to continue fine-tune your statement. Some of these examples may resonate with you (either the whole sentence or just part of it). If you find a sentence or a part of a sentence that you think fits, meditate on it. Sit quietly with the words and repeat them in your mind. Do they resonate with your soul? Mark any that resonate.

My True Purpose is:

  • To express beauty through art, photography, and other creative mediums.

  • To help people appreciate the arts and connect with their own creativity through my work as an artist/teacher/writer/…

  • To be a loving, caring parent while finding balance in my career.

  • To help others feel less stressed and anxious by pointing out the humor in life.

  • To help people to heal by teaching them how to actively participate in their own healing.

  • To teach people how to live more harmonious, balanced lives.

  • To be an advocate for animal rights, using my skills of public speaking, advocacy, and the ability to emotionally move people.

  • To be an advocate for human rights, using my determination, drive to succeed despite the odds, and compassion.

  • To help people become more organized and efficient to make their day-to-day lives easier.

  • To use the written word to humorously help people with their relationships.

  • To encourage learning and the creative expression of youths, while keeping them within a structured framework.

  • To research and organize information for the dissemination of knowledge to the world.

  • To use my understanding of how things work to fix mechanical things, which makes people’s lives easier.

  • To be an inventor so I can help to improve the quality of people’s lives.

  • To help people to discover their innate healing abilities and thus help to spread healing to the world.

  • To provide comfort to those who are dying through care, humor, and spiritual support.

  • To connect people with their passion for life through music.

  • To design/construct houses and buildings that are practical, environmentally conscious, and esthetically pleasing.

  • To find innovative, harmonious, and creative solutions to societal issues.

  • To help the disabled to receive proper care and greater respect.

  • To help people resolve family issues through helping them to see the other person’s perspective and be able to come to a place of understanding and forgiveness.

  • Motivating people to take care of their physical bodies through my own example of physical ability and athletic prowess.

  • To heal others through talking, listening, and compassionate discourse.

  • Through my own example, to show that the most difficult challenges in life can be overcome.

  • To be a connector of people in the business world and to help them to form symbiotic networks.

  • To expand people’s awareness of their own possibilities through exposing them to what others have been able to accomplish, create, and overcome.

  • To protect and preserve historical artifacts to enhance our cultural awareness.

  • Through my example and sharing my experiences, I can help people to become more compassionate and loving.

  • To be a negotiator and help people to reach harmonious, fair, and satisfying resolutions.

  • To help people to be more understanding and compassionate of religious and cultural differences.

  • Through my own example and experiences, to help people to overcome their addictions.

  • To help people to develop self-love by teaching them how to love and cherish themselves.

  • To take care of Mother Earth and the environment.

  • To help people to realize their true potential through spiritual awareness.

  • To help educate people in how to heal their physical bodies through good nutrition.

  • To comfort and help people to heal their grief and trauma.

  • To educate through public speaking.

  • To guide people in their life choices.

Consider the sentence that you formulated in the previous section as well as the examples above as you continue to fine-tune your True Purpose Statement.


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It's important to craft a True Purpose Statement that reflects your unique life path and the themes that resonate with you. Your statement should not only express a way in which you can serve others, but also fulfill a need within yourself. It should be something that brings you joy and satisfaction, never centered around pain or hardship, time card calculator

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