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Cutting Negative Cords

Our Chosen Life Path

Before discussing what psychic cords are, it is important to understand why we experience obstacles and difficulties, which often come in the form of relationships with close friends, romantic partners, and family members.

Imagine that before we are born, we are all together in heaven, each an individual soul ready and excited to incarnate into a physical body. We know the purpose of life on earth and willingly agree to come here. Our purpose is simply to grow spiritually and to experience all emotions so that we may become a well-rounded, enlightened spiritual being.

Now imagine that you have already chosen the lessons that you need to learn in your new life in order that you can understand, appreciate, and grow spiritually. You actually choose and agree to experience various difficulties. The more difficult and harsh, the more you will accelerate your growth. Those of you on the fast track have often chosen the most difficult of life’s obstacles.

In order to more fully experience and take advantage of these growth opportunities, you need another person to push your buttons, challenge, and irritate you. Who knows you the most? Who can get closest to you? A dear companion soul, one who loves you dearly, agrees to be the jerk that you will deal with in your physical life.

We have chosen our obstacles. We have chosen our partners and family members. Then we are born and we forget everything....

What Are Psychic Cords and Where Do They Come From?

Psychic cords are invisible strings of energy that carry great emotional pull. As we go through life we experience and connect emotionally with others on many different levels, including romantic relationships, family, friendships, business partners, acquaintances, incidental relationships, etc. Each of these leaves an emotional impression or energy imprint on us, which can be good, bad, indifferent, or a mixture. If there is a strong impression, we may develop psychic cords between us.

Not all psychic cords are bad. Some may be positive, silver cords of love and spiritual connection. We always feel good when we think about that person. However, some are grey or black negative cords and this is when we feel negatively charged by the thought of them. It’s the negative cords linking us to a person or situation that can keep us returning to that uncomfortable situation or emotion. We can also have both negative and positive cords with the same person.

A yes answer to one of the following questions likely indicates the existence of negative cords. Have you ever felt that you can never fully resolve an issue with someone; that you keep returning for more verbal or physical abuse even though you know that it is in your best interest to move on? Do you have relatives or business associates that just rub you the wrong way and the same issues keep coming up? Do you feel that the people you have relationships with change, but you are still repeating the same scenario?

There are times that we feel drawn to someone and keep going back to try to resolve a bad situation. Even though it may seem better for a while, we are gradually pulled back into the same actions and it just becomes more negative and destructive. In many of these cases I will find that a person is not only attached emotionally, but also has additional underlying psychic cord attachments that they have no idea are making their life much more difficult.

Often cords are prominent in difficult and adversarial relationships. However, they may also be present in quite good relationships where on most levels the participants communicate well, but there are a few “buttons” or patterns that will set them off or have an underlying niggling negative influence. In these situations, you may find a few negative cords among the good ones.

Cords can also be attached to situations that are difficult or stressful for the person (e.g., a fear of public speaking, being requested to do something you don’t like, or issues concerning money).

Where Are Psychic Cords Located?

Psychic cords are usually attached from one person’s chakra to another person’s chakra. The particular chakra involved often indicates the emotion triggered by the cord. For example, for a man and a woman involved in a negative romantic relationship, the negative cord could go from the woman’s Heart Chakra, where she longs for true emotional love, to the man’s Sacral Chakra where he is controlled by sexual desire.

Between an abusive parent and child, the negative cords could extend from the parent’s Throat Chakra where the parent continually spouts negative verbiage to the child’s Base Chakra where the child’s whole existence and being is questioned. Perhaps another cord then extends back to the parent’s Sacral Chakra where the parent is reminded of the deep hurt they too received from their own parents.

These cords can extend back and forth through several chakras creating a web-like mess of negative energy. Now consider all the relationships that we have during our lifetime and the bonds we have formed. Even the simplest of meetings could cause some negative cords to form. After a while we all have many psychic cords extending to various people, groups, or situations that continue to drag us down.

Does Cutting Psychic Cords Remove the Person from My Life?

You may be hanging on to the last strands of a friendship or relationship and be concerned that if any cords are cut, that this will be the end of that relationship. This is not true. Cutting negative psychic cords simply removes the negative connections while leaving any positive cords intact. This leaves room for the relationship to develop on a true basis without any underlying gray issues. It frees the partners to have a relationship on equal footing or a level playing field, like they would have at a first meeting.

There is always the chance that the only bond between you and the other person could have been a negative attachment. If so, you may feel completely different after the cords are removed, deciding to move on and no longer learn lessons with that person. In this case they may well move out of your life, but this would be of your own choosing.

Removing negative cords simply presents the relationship in the raw with only the original positive affiliations and none of the negative, which is what our relationships should be if we are healthy and whole.

Past Life Connections

Some of these psychic cords transcend life itself and continue with us from our past lives to the present. In fact, many of the difficult relationships we experience in this lifetime are repeat situations from a previous life or continued lessons stemming from this. It is our choice to implement this karma in order that we may experience all sides for ourselves. We bring forth into our new life not only these karmic situations, but also the psychic cords that are already in place. So often the psychic cords attached to a current situation also go back to a similar issue in a past life.

Psychic Blocks

Psychic blocks are energetic blocks that we create along a positive psychic cord which prevent us from experiencing joy, love, and fulfillment in our lives. For instance, money should be attached to us along a positive silver cord, allowing it to flow freely to us and come when we ask. Many of us have created a negative block between ourselves and money, only allowing it to flow to us through very hard work, strife, or other difficult circumstances. We also create many blocks when we think we are not deserving of love, acceptance, recognition, or abundance.

Removing Psychic Cords and Blocks

First, we must acknowledge the source of the negative psychic cord or block. We must appreciate what this obstacle has taught us and what our life lesson is. If we cannot understand it on a mental level, we must just accept that there is a deeper subconscious lesson and accept with love and light that we are absorbing and receiving the lesson we needed even if we cannot understand it. We must understand and acknowledge that this was something that we chose; that this difficult situation had a purpose, accept it, and grow spiritually from it. Only then can the cords be broken.

We then, with the assistance of our guides and angels, ask for the cords to be severed. All that is necessary is our understanding, acceptance, and willingness to learn, and then with the intention to cut the cords, it will be done.

First, I locate the cords scanning clairvoyantly with the assistance of my guides. Often, I will also receive the purpose and lesson to which they are attached. Then, if the subject agrees to release the cords, I use Reiki healing to remove them, pulling away any grey energy from the chakra and then healing the open “wound.” If you are attuned to Reiki Level II, you can use the sacred symbols to connect to a distance and then heal the area both physically and emotionally. Often forgotten, but equally important, is that the source of the cords must also be removed and healed.

It is not necessary to be a clairvoyant medium or Reiki healer to do this, and I coach clients on how to ask the assistance of their guides and angels to remove these cords. Even if the person cannot see or understand the cords, they can still be removed.

Most important of all, you must realize that this is an ongoing process of understanding and forgiveness. You can remove the psychic cords and blocks, but if a person is not truly committed to change and continuing to forgive, these negative cords and blocks will reattach themselves. You must be willing to try to change your behavior and thought patterns regarding the person or issue that the cords were removed from. Sending love and forgiveness aids in this.

Gail Thackray is a Reiki Master/Teacher. More extensive information on cutting cords and removing psychic blocks can be found in Gail’s Reiki courses now available online.

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