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Manifesting abundance; 30 days to Prosperity course

The 4 “A”s to Manifesting Abundance

Some people seem to just attract money. They are successful and prosperous and draw millions of dollars to them, through seemingly little effort, always being in the flow of money. They may not be consciously aware of what they are doing, but successful people have managed to program their subconscious to draw to them their every desire. Here are the 4 secret “A”s to attracting Abundance.

AAAA – Ask, Attention, Act, Appreciate

The first secret to Manifesting Abundance is to deliberately ASK your subconscious for the things you desire and to make a conscious effort to stop thinking and talking about the things you do not desire. Imagine having that object or experiencing that event, focusing on the happiness that it is bringing to you, feeling the positive emotions as you think about your desire. Imagine, in great detail, all the specifics of what it is you desire; what it feels like to have or experience it. Go over the emotions of how you will feel when you have this thing, imagining it in present tense. Visualize and feel it as if you already have it.

Now you need to pay ATTENTION. Your desire may present itself to you in a different way than you are expecting and probably will. Therefore, pay attention to the little details and coincidences that appear to you. Your desire may be coming to you through a new contact, a new person at work, or an old friend you bump into. You may receive a new way to earn the money that you are asking for in order to obtain the thing that you have asked for. Put out some inquiries, some feelers, and then pay attention to things that come back to you. Rarely does your desire just appear. Usually you are pointed in the right direction in which to obtain your desire, or your desire is given to you in several parts until you have the whole. You have to do some work here.

Next, when something is being offered, you need to ACT, as you must participate in receiving. For example, you may receive an invitation to an event that could bring you the necessary contact that will in turn bring your desire. However, you have to act and go to the event. How many chances and offerings do you need to get before you act on something that will bring about your desire? Keep a keen eye out and if an unexpected opportunity comes up, you should probably pursue it. Be active and look for opportunities (without forcing a certain way for your desire to come from a certain source). If an old friend comes out of nowhere, perhaps you should give them some time. Often you are offered your opportunity in return for giving service to another. In particular, watch out for ways in which you can help others. Again, don’t expect that just because you helped someone that they will give you part of or the end result that you are hoping for. Just continue to participate in life and willingly and happily give service to others. You will be surprised at the doors it will open for you.

When you have received the thing you are asking for, you need to give thanks and APPRECIATE what has been sent to you. In fact, you need to give thanks and appreciation before you receive what you are asking for. In giving your appreciation, you are affirming that you have total faith in the Universe to deliver your desire. You are affirming that you understand that your desire is already manifested and on the psychic plane waiting to come to you. You are affirming that your subconscious is in total harmony with you and working perfectly and automatically. You are affirming that your subconscious will bring you signs and lead you in the right direction. You are affirming that you wish for more things to come to you that are in alignment with your desires and which you will appreciate.

Do not be disappointed if you don’t get exactly what you want to start with, or you get only part of what you wanted. In feeling disappointed, you have defeated yourself. You are telling your subconscious that you desire more of what you are feeling, which is disappointment. So be grateful and thankful for every part that comes to you, and be confident in appreciation of what you will be given.

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