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New Year’s Resolutions – 10 tips for setting goals that work

Gail Thackray success coach, tips on setting goals

The new year brings in a fresh new start and it’s a great time to set your goals and commitments to yourself. Here’s some tips on getting them to stick.

1. Write your goals down – The act of writing down your goals makes them very clear and the clearer your intention, the more clearly the universe will hear them. Just the act of writing energetically gives you the support of the universe.

2. Make a one page list – One page is easy to post on your wall or keep somewhere that you can view often. You don’t need to write too much detail just the main points. A one pager is not too overwhelming, a whole book can be!

3. No need to tell everyone – Sometimes if you tell someone about your goal they may discourage you or tell you that you are not going to accomplish that. Even if they don’t say it, you can be worried that is what they are thinking. Take the pressure off, tell them after you have accomplished it.

4. Plan a time to check in with your list - This could be every morning, it could be once a week, say every Wednesday morning. But make a scheduled time to read your list and go through how you are doing.

5.Make a time-line – Give yourself a deadline to achieve each item. By the end of January…or by the end of the year etc. You can change this later if you need to. Large projects may need to have several step dates until they are finished.

6. Check off your list – As you accomplish items on your list, or make progress on them, check them off or make notes on your achievements. We always feel better when we can see progress, even if it is a different area.

7. Read your goals out loud – Find a time when you can be alone and read your resolutions out loud. This has the effect of impressing your desire upon your subconscious. If you can do this daily, it will be all the more powerful.

8. Making smaller steps - If something seems like a really big goal, make smaller steps along the way, so that you can check off when you have gotten to stage 1 then stage 2.

9. Always speak positively – Even if you want to remove something from your life, make sure you are phrasing it in a positive way. Don’t say, “I want to lose weight.” Say, “I see myself at the perfect weight, feeling energetic and healthy.”

10. Daydream about your goals – See yourself doing or having the things you would like in a very positive way. The more often you daydream about your goals, the more quickly they will manifest.

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