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Main Essential Oils for Healing, Psychic Intuition & Relaxation

Eucalyptus - Psychic Cleanse

Geranium Rose - Intuition

Moringa - Tree Of Life

Lavender - Brings tranquility & relaxation

Peppermint - Purification & healing, brings positive movement in your life

Frankincense - Christ Consciousness

Immune Support Blend - Balance

Respiratory Blend - Throat Chakra

Weight Loss Blend - Release Excess Weight

Eucalyptus - Psychic Cleanse

Cleanses both the body physically and spiritually, removing negative energies. Known to help with respiratory issues, this is a great oil to use if you have a flu, cold or stuffy nose. I put a few drops in my steam shower. You can also put a few drops in a pan of hot water and place a towel covering your head as you inhale the vapors. Put a few drops in your palms and inhale. In addition this is also great just for energizing. Inhale it or put a few drops in massage oil. It is very strong and so I would not place it directly on your nose or sensitive areas. This resonates with your Native American guides.

Geranium Rose - Intuition

This is a very high frequency oil that lifts your vibration and helps you to get in the higher planes where you can connect with your guides and Angels. I use before meditation. Rub a few drops in your palms and inhale deeply a few times. This allows for deeper meditation and visions. It allows messages to flow to you and to stop you “trying” too hard. I also use on my

third eye. The rose also calls in the protection of Mother Mary. And this smells wonderful!

Lavender - Relaxation

Known to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and aid with relaxation and sleep. I rub a few drops on my temples when I want to relax or have a hard time sleeping. It is also wonderful for skin irritations, blemishes or allergies; rub a few drops directly on the area. Lavender is a great oil to have on hand in case of stings, bug bites and burns. For me this reduces the pain and swelling instantly. For those of you that are clairsentient this is a must as it dissolves anxiety and allergies that are caused by other people’s energies you may have taken on. Mice and bugs don’t like this, so placing a few drops around your house is a great natural way to keep them away.

Peppermint – Uplift Spirit

Peppermint is great to give you that pep in your step, if you need a quick energizer. It elevates mood as it releases trapped emotional energies. A few drops on your tongue or inhaled from your palms will lift your spirit. It also works on the physical level. If you have a head ache place a few drops directly on your headache, your third eye and temples and this almost always instantly clears your head. Even for other aches and pains I find it works but placing it on my temples. This is because it is releasing the emotional blocks in your energy field that can actually cause physical pain. And I use it as a much healthier alternative to breath mint!

Frankincense – Christ Consciousness

Frankincense was presented by The Wise Men to Jesus because it was revered as one of the most precious oils of the time. Having magical powers and miraculous healing properties, Frankincense was used for curing many ailments. It draws in the Chris Consciousness and often a smell of Frankincense will appear spontaneously during high spiritual connection. You can place it on cuts and scrapes or any place on the body that needs healing. You can also use a few drops on your altar or on a candle at any time you wish to bring in the Christ Consciousness. Great to use in healing and any petitions to spirit.

Moringa - Tree Of Life

As well as known for it's health benefits, this is also amazing for the face and skin. I use it directly as a face moisturizer and find it wonderful, especially for removing dar k eye circles or blemishes. For those of you who’ve had past lives in Egypt this is a very powerful oil for reconnecting you with your ancient wisdom. Rub a few drops over your third eye and heart to connect you with the magically powers of ancient Egypt. This is especially wonderful for past life work and brings about powerful visions through mediation and dreams.

Immune Support Blend - Balance

This is a great blend you can use daily to keep your auric system balanced. I use a drop or two daily on the tongue to keep my immune system strong. If I am feeling particularly tired or drained I will repeat this several times a day. At the first signs of a cold, flu or other infection, I immediately go to this. If it is a flu with a sore throat or runny nose I add the Respiratory Blend as well. Immune Support works on the physical body as well as the emotional and karmic layers. If you are doing psychic work and feel yourself drained this is a great one to keep you strong. Take a few drops before doing readings so your energy field is more protected.

Respiratory Blend – Throat Chakra

This is one of the most important emergency blends that I keep on hand. At the first signs of a hoarse throat, dry throat, sore throat, stuffy nose, flu or other cold symptoms I use this. I use a few drops on the tongue. It is quite strong so most recommend putting this in water, honestly I take it straight. I may follow this with a spoon of Manuka honey. You can also inhale by placing a few drops in your hands. If I have achy flu symptoms I also add the Immune Support as well. The Respiratory blend opens the throat chakra as well so if you need support here you can do more often to aid with throat, nose, mouth and gums as well as clairaudient messages from spirit.

Weight Loss Blend - Release Excess Weight

We accumulate excess weight gain as a result of holding onto negative thoughts, emotions, guilt and fear. This blend of oils works on both the physical release and the emotional release. The oils of citrus fruits contained here are known to dissolve fat cells but this special blend also works on the emotional layers. The largest culprit for excess weight is carrying emotional blocks from relationships (family and x-romantic) and also psychically taking on other people’s issues. Take a few drops daily before meals in a glass of water (do not use a plastic drinking glass as it may dissolve the plastic).

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