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Lucky Numbers for 2019

Gail Thackray success coach, leadership

Thank you 2018 for everything you taught us, now welcome 2019 and a fresh new start!

Do you ever see repeating numbers? 555, 444, 11.11, then you are in touch with the universe who is showing you signs. Numbers do have energy, and just like the zodiac signs, we are influenced by them. The trick is to only use them positively. Don’t ever become superstitious about unlucky numbers, there is no such thing. Just knowing the numbers that carry a strong vibration for us helps us to ride their wave and use them to enhance our life.

Firstly 2019 has an overall general energy. You can find this by simply adding the numbers together:

2+0+1+9 = 12 then add these together 1+2= 3 you get the overall number for the year as 3

What is a 3 year? Well a 3 year is a positively wonderful happy vibration. In fact, it is actually the energy of joy, loving life, being carefree and learning to have fun! What a great gift!

3 is also great for communication through all mediums. Those that have always wanted to write a book or a blog, this will be a great year to really excel. We should see a big increase in people reading and communicating in general. Social Media will be at it’s prime and it is great for advertising. Since it is also the number for joy, there is going to be a lot more emphasis in books, blogs and advertising about joy, happiness and fun things we love to do.

Its also a great year for personal communication. So families will come closer and there will be better communication between partners and personal interactions. This is why social media is going to be even bigger than it already is. Video communication between people on social media and personal interactions as well as new technology in communication is going to be in the spot light this year.

Of course, we each have our own personal number that is also at play. You can figure out what is your personal number by adding your day month and the year 2019. For instance, my birthday is Dec (12) 16th. So my personal number would be 12+16+2019= 40 4+0= 4

Some numerologists believe the personal number would start at the beginning of the year on January 1st, while other believe the energy starts on your birthday.

For more about numbers, check out Cheiro - one of the best numerologist, he lived around the turn of the century and John Lennon was one of his avid followers


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