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10 Tips for Manifesting an Amazing Year

  1. Dream Bigger – most people limit what they manifest because they don’t dream big enough. We feel like we do not deserve, or I could never achieve that. Stop worrying about the how and the why, for once just dream as big as you can and let the Universe do the rest.

  2. Set clear Goal- be specific about what you want. How many times have you heard about setting goals? It is very important to be clear about what you want and set time lines. I am going to achieve this by January. Or by the end of the year I am going to have achieved….

  3. Be grateful in advance – when you are already grateful you are telling the universe it is here on the psychic plane and you are ready to receive it. Be confident in knowing that it is already here and the universe will manifest you more reasons to feel grateful.

  4. Day dream about what you want. Positive emotion with your dreams is going to help you to manifest more quickly. Speaking positively helps to manifest something into your life but feeling positive is even stronger.

  5. Set a time in the morning to routinely go over in your mind your intentions for the day. Even 10 minutes to sit quietly and mediate on what you are going to accomplish in the day will save you hours of running around.

  6. Write it down! The energy of writing tells the universe you are more determined and clear. Keep a journal or even a meditation alter and continually update your list. You will be surprised at how quickly you can check things off your list of wishes.

  7. Practice manifesting small things to build confidence. Start with things that you are not emotionally attached to, such as asking for a green light when you come to a traffic light or asking for a close parking space. You will see how easily you manifest. Now you can work on the bigger things you care about.

  8. Look for ways to help others, many blessings and opportunities come through helping others. Mentoring others on being positive, actually tells the universe you are in charge of manifesting dreams into your life.

  9. Watch for Signs – after you have asked for something, it may not just appear in your drive way. It may come through others. After you ask for something the doors will be opened for you, watch for all opportunities.

  10. Believe in yourself. The power to manifest is inside you. You are only limited by your limiting beliefs. You are a Divine being and able to Manifest your dreams!

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