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Sedona is famous as an great energy center. Visitors come from all over the world to experience the energy vortexes in the majestic huge red rocks. However there are over 20 real energy vortexes according to local Native Americans.

The energy is especially incredible in Oak Creek at the base of the famous red rock vortexes. As the stream passes through the natural red rocks are continually washed and cleansed with this incredible energy. When you meditate you allow yourself to get into a higher state where you are more intuitive. Being in an energy vortex has a very similar effect. Therefore meditating in an energy vortex if you can or holding an object infused in this energy will allow you to reach a much higher spiritual state.

I brought back a few Red Rocks that I energized at the oak creek vortex. If you would like one I am giving them away with all order for the next week ( even a $5 order will get you a free red rock!)

Plus we're doing 50% off everything on the site use code SEDONA

(excludes mats, crystal beds, tours)

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