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Hawaiian Goddesses, Mermaids & Pele

I visited the beautiful site Ku Heiau Kapu on the windward site of Oahu. It sits on black lava rocks that cascade into the sea. A place where many come to leave offerings of Leis and sacred items to the Goddess Pele. A site where reportedly Mermaids have been seen. And anything seems possible at this scared site. After all this special place goes back centuries with connections to Atlantis and Lemuria. Some believe mermaids are descendants of our Atlantean forefathers who came from other star planets and were half sea creature. They could communicate with the dolphins who still remember today how to communicate with us. Those of you who have had past lives in Atlantis will resonate with Dolphins, Mermaids and mystical sea creatures. And we can still connect through meditation.

Pele pronounced Pale-Lei legend has was a Goddess from Tahiti who was banished for her fiery temper. They say out of her fiery breath she formed the Hawaiian islands of molten lava. You can petition her for strength and power and she has even been known to appear to people (either in dreams, or as an actual person). However, don’t cross her by taking any of the Lava rock home. The post office actually gets rocks sent back in the thousands from people who took the rock home and on hearing the legend sent it back.

Pearls are said to connect you to these mythical sea creatures and it’s safe to take a Pearl home from Hawaii. Though I would get them from the local people who are conscious of the oceans and land and ask Pele for permission.

Ku, the fierce looking God of Strength is actually very protective. You can petition to him for strength and abundance. He is represented all over Hawaii and especially at the sacred temple sites. Hang a representation of Ku in your house or office for “good luck” and protection.

Here are some of the Hawaiian Gods and Goddesses:

Pele– Goddess of Fire and the Volcanos, petition for strength and success

Ku – God of Strength and Manifestation, petition for abundance and courage

Lono – God of Agriculture, Music, petition for peace and love

Hina – Goddess of the Moon

Papa – Mother Earth, Goddess of Fertility

Kane – Hawaii name for God, Universal White Light, Source, Father of all

Kanaloa – God of Magic, the Underworld, and the Ocean Kuula – God of Fishermen and safe travels.

Mermaids – descendants of Atlantis and sisters of the Dolphins

I did some healing in Hawaii. I brought back with me a few pearls I had blessed at this site as well as some little pendants of God Ku. Click here

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