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Miraculous Icon that weeps Myrrh Oil In Hawaii

I filmed this amazing icon a few years ago when it was brought to California. On Saturday evening I am going back to visit this at it’s home church in Hawaii. This is a small painting of Jesus and

Mary, a recent replica. People noticed that during the prayers there would be a smell of Myrrh or Frankincense and the painting was actually dripping oil. Now the icon rests on a bed of cotton and during the services and prayers the oil starts to run from the icon. When I filmed this before they allowed me to hold the icon and the oil was running down my arms as I held it. I also noticed that when the prayers were about Mary the room filled with the sweet smell of rose oil. People come from all over to give their blessings and ask requests of the painting. People report being cured of cancer and other incredible miracles but placing their photo or request in front of the icon. During the service the congregation are invited to come up to the painting and leave their requests and names of loved ones. And the priest often gives each person a small piece of the cotton that is now covered in the oil. The icon is kept at the Russian Orthodox church in Honolulu called All Holly Theotokos, although the painting travels around.

Its not an original painting, rather it is a small replica which was probably made in the 80’s. The priest who first had this, kept this in his office and he noticed that during services there would be a strong sent of Frankincense it was then he saw that the painting had oil running down the front. Then he noticed that this was happening over and over during the services. It was gifted to the priest in Honolulu where it is now kept. The church says this has been attributed to have healed blindness, cancer, kidney disease, pain and viruses. The church prefers that people come to the service to appreciate God and the miracles he gives and that this is just an example of those miracles, rather than just coming to see the painting.

I am going there Saturday evening, and I have you with me. You are on my mailing list, so I will be asking that all of you receive answers to your prayers. If you want to meditate and join in energetically, please do so Saturday evening between 9pm and 11pm PST.

For those of you that requested a distance healing from Hawaii, I will have your photo with me.

I will be going on to the Sacred Birthing Stones next week as well as several Heiau or sacred Hawaiian temples

And I am carrying your requests for you and will be doing healing work on you all week

Also we will be connecting with the Dolphin energy.

If you want a distance healing click here

Here is the Church Website

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Star Jeffree
Star Jeffree
(20. 5.)

It's wonderful that you're extending that's not my neighbor this experience to others through your prayers and healing work.

To se mi líbí

I shall be praying that all of you who are on my mailing list receive answers to your prayers.

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To se mi líbí
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