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What to Expect John of God distance healing

While we are at John of God if you are on my free healing list, I will have your name at the casa and in the prayer triangles there. To receive the benefits connect in energetically by praying and meditating and put out to spirit what you would like in your life. The things you would like to dissolve (problems with life, love, family health) and the things you would like to bring in (abundance, love, career, enlightenment). The casa is open Wed, Thu, Fri (our time early morning), so best to meditate when you first get up. If you are participating and meditating you may feel that you are being “energetically worked on.” So you may feel tingles, be aware of white light around you and have more Intuitions, dreams or other sensations. This could happen anytime after you ask for something. Pay attention to what is being shown to you. Meaning what opportunities are coming your way. Your requests often come through people, so notice what is going on around you. Especially if someone reconnects with you or you are asked to join in with something or to help someone. There may be many synchronicities. Most of all, people feel tired. This is because spirits can work on us more easily when we are relaxed, meditating or sleeping. Be kind to yourself, old feelings may come up. This is just old energies being released. It is a good thing. Especially if you have a personal photo petition presented you may feel these things even more. This is when a photo is individually presented to John of God and you ask for the specific things you want (click on the link below for more info). Again most often people feel tired. Rest as much as you can, remember this is when they can work on you. Give them permission for what you want changed or healed and then rest! If you are asking to manifest something, such as a new career, new opportunities, financial abundance pay attention to all the doors that are being opened to you, and say Yes to opportunity. With the personal petition, you are being worked on the moment you write what you want. You may feel the time that John of God in entity sees your photo or you may not be aware. We will let you know if we know who that entity was. But your healing can go on for weeks or months. If you order herbs they will be mailed to you when we get back and while you are on the herbs there is no drinking alcohol and no spicy food. If this is a big issue for you, you are better to get a crystal instead. Herbs are the best but do not break the rules or it could stop the energy that is helping. (Sex is ok that is to do with surgery when you are there).

To get on my free group healing list sign up here free healing list

To put in an individual photo petition to be presented to John of God click here

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