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How to Use Your Pendulum to Test Energy of Objects

  • We have smaller chakras in the palms of our hands. If you place your pendulum over the palm of your hand and allow it to rotate, it should rotate slowly. This is showing you, your Life Force energy naturally running through you at all times. At rest, this energy shouldn’t be very big, a nice solid slow rotation is good. This means you are grounded and at rest. It is interesting to check your palm chakras first and then “power up” your Reiki energy and then re-check your palm chakras. You will probably see that the energy increases dramatically.

  • Objects and other people also change our energy. That is if we hold a big crystal in our aura it feels “good” and we feel energized. What you are actually feeling is there is more Life Force energy running through you. If you now place your pendulum over your palm you will see that the rotation is bigger. This is showing you that holding the crystal actually increased your Life Force energy.

  • In this way, you can test several objects by holding them in your auric field and see if they increase your energy or show no change to your energy.

  • It is good to test a pendant that you plan to wear and make sure it is increasing your energy. If you are going to wear something it might as well be something that gives you stronger energy. Simply test your energy at rest with the pendulum over your palm, then with the pendant in your aura (wearing it) re test your energy with the pendulum over your palm.

  • If you are looking to get something on line but you do not have the object in person to test you can do it at a distance. Simply look at the image and tell your higher-self that you would like to test for the object on the screen.

  • If you are asking for another person that is not in the room, first state the name of the person to your higher-self. State their name 3 times, then you can still use your palm to test in the same way.

  • Somethings, people and places also drain your energy. For instance, if you test your energy with the pendulum first and then you place your hand over a trash can and re test your energy, you will probably find that touching the trash can lowers your energy.

  • Somethings may surprise you. I like to drink English Breakfast Tea with milk. When I test my energy after holding and drinking my tea, my energy is actually less. Does this mean that I am going to give up my English tea? - Probably not, I’m going to compensate by wearing a bigger crystal! But my pendulum made me aware of different things and even people that drain my energy.

  • This can be a great way to choose an item to see if it enhances or decreases your energy.

  • You will also see people holding a pendulum directly over the point of a crystal, or over a pendant. This will give you the energy of the object. The bigger the rotation the more energy that object has. However this is just showing you the inherent energy of that object. It is much more important to see how that object affects you. And is that object particularly good for YOU

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