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Dr. Vogel IBM Scientist Invents Psychic Protection Pendants

Dr. Marcel Vogel was a scientist at IBM for almost 27 years and he researched quartz crystals extensively. He is credited with inventing the LCDs screen (Light Crystal Displays) for computers as well as the red light cue for color TV. Dr. Vogel spent a life time researching crystals and created experiments where he actually produced energy from crystals. When he demonstrated this to other scientists they were completely taken aback. He also demonstrated that they could be charged with energy and they could be affected by human thought.

Dr. Vogel invented a PROTECTION double diamond cut pendant that he reportedly always wore and never left the house without it. This has a male triangle facing out and an upside down female triangle facing in, towards the body. This appears like a Star of David. Vogel believed that this double triangle cut creates a powerful enhancer of energy and provides protection to the wearer. If worn with the male facing out (the normal way it is cut) Dr Vogel found that it protected the person from EMFs. However he also discovered that it protected the wearer from other negative forces; that is other people’s negative thoughts and energies, earth bound spirits and other lower lever frequencies that often cause us problems on a psychic level. It enhances the persons aura and literally sets up an energy shield so that negative energy simply does not affect the wearer. This is particularly important for those who are energy sensitive and especially doing healing work on others. It also pushes out, clears and dissolves negative energies already in the aura so in this way clear negative blocks and energies that are already around the person. This energy shift can take a few days so a person should wear the pendant continuously until they literally feel their energy strengthen. Dr. Vogel was so convinced of this he always wore a pendant of this design and reportedly would never leave the house without one.

Vogel design Gems click here

To draw in energy - Alternatively if the Pendant was to be turned around and worn with the female facing out, it would drawn in energy. So this side should only be used when you are really in a scared place or with say a sage or healer who’s energy you want to draw in to you.

The Vogel can be paired with other crystals for love, health, abundance…The Vogel cut enhances other crystal energies. Not only does the Vogel cut enhance the energy of the quartz or other crystal it is cut into but this pendant can be put with other stones or left over an object to enhance it’s energy. Therefore a smaller top stone can be used with other properties (such as one for the third eye, or for abundance or love) and the Vogel cut stone will enhance the properties of the top stone as well.

Natural Crystals – Make sure that you get a pendant made from real crystals. Sometimes you will see tiny fractures or cloudiness in a quartz or other naturally formed gemstone. This is perfectly fine, in fact this is a good sign that it is a real gem. You may even see that the shapes inside the crystal may change as they absorb and change energies. Personally I prefer gemstones with some “personality.”

The Triangle is also the sacred symbol of John of God. The 3 sides represent; Faith, Love and Charity. The Vogel cut contains the male and the female triangle in the outer John of God design.

Vogel Wands - You may be familiar with the Vogel crystals that looks like a large wand shape quartz crystal with two points and several transverse cuts. These are used for clearing chakras, meditation and healing. Also drawing negative energy and infusing with positive energy. One side is a male (a longer sharper point) and the other side a female (shorter fatter point).

Vogel Crystal Bed - Vogel invented a crystal light machine over 20 years ago. This was a series of Vogel shaped crystals with pulsating lights going through to the person pointing at their chakras. I am surprised to see that my John of God crystal bed is exactly the same design. The crystals are each a Vogel cut but made from the John of God blessed crystals. After learning this I was intrigued to find out more.

John of God Connection the John of God crystal bed and the John of God symbol of the triangle was directed from spirit. I find it incredibly curious that two amazingly intuitive people would be in sync on this both Dr Vogel and John of God having the exact design and even more I believe that we are being watched and guided by spirit.

I was lucky enough to find some of the beautiful triangles that are cut in the Vogel design. I wear these all the time and really love the energy.

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