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Update from Brazil Spirit Connection

Its June once again and we are invited to John of God’s birthday celebration. It’s a big bash with 10,000 people expected. And that’s only the living people. There are literally thousands of spirits and you can see them in the form of spirit orbs.

Still healing is going on at the casa til right before the celebration starts. In fact it has been an extremely powerful week. My clients are blown away with how real it is- how they get the answers almost instantly and can actually feel and sense the spirits that are working on them. Even people from home have written about how they felt healing, sense spirits and received synchronistic signs. I know many of you are feeling the energy from a distance. Yes it really works !!!

The Casa sessions are Wed, Thu, Fri starting at 8am and again at 2pm Brazil time (7am and 1pm EST / 4am and 10am PST). To join us remotely and feel the energy meditate with us at the same time if you can. Put out to spirit what you want to clear and what you want to bring in. Writing it down is great. If you have a crystal or something from John of God, hold this over your heart to help you connect.

If you are joining in, don’t be surprised if you feel strange tingling sensations. If you feel really tired, this is a good sign. Spirits can work on you better when you are meditating or sleeping. Take note of your dreams as well as your thoughts. You are processing old memories which is part of the healing.

At the weekend and Mon Tue we will still be participating and I’ll be posting for you to follow. We will go to the sacred waterfall both Mon and Tue and this is a great time for cleansing.

Today Thursday Jose Penteado was the spirit inside John of God. The energy was amazing. Print out the photo and use his image to connect.

Not much is known about this spirit, he is very humble and only gave the name Jose. The name Penteado is not really his name, it is his nick name at the casa that refers to his hair cut. So it Means Jose with the hair combed over to one side. LOL.

I love this spirit. He is kind and gentle, he took my hand and he smiles sweetly. He is so loving.

If you requested an individual photo petition I will be writing to you separately. Most of you received your petition today from Jose Penteado and I will let you know more details. There is still time for those of you who would like an individual healing. This is where I take your photo. Often John of God will prescribe herbs which I will bring back for you. If you hurry and get them to me I can print them out here and present them next week. Here’s the link/info Distance photo petition

I have a few of the pendants that I got in the casa shop of Jose Penteado. If you would like one click here

I just got a few so if you want one please pre order

I also have a few of the magnetic cards of Jose Penteado. If you would like one click here

There is still time for me to choose a crystal for you while I am here ( let me know if you want it for love, career, clearing, for yourself or for healing work ect..) click here


( we will automatically put in your order)

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