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Amazing trip to John of God

This has been an amazing trip to John of God. Thank you to all of you that wrote and shared your experiences at home. Different spirits incorporate into the body of John of God. Saint Francis Xavier was very strong last week and did the sessions on those who gave me a photo submission (I will email you separately). I believe Dr. Augusto was incorporated this morning and he is very powerful. But there are many thousands of spirits working in the casa. This energy is incredible and does travel through all space and time, so if you connect remotely it can work just as well as being here. Sometimes what you ask for is instant and you feel physically better or receive right away the blessing that you asked for. Sometimes it is gradual. You may be feeling under the weather. This could be that you are releasing the energy that has been trapped for years and there is a kind of cleansing process. I have a client here that had flu like symptoms for days, I believe because they were releasing toxins that had been in their body for years. Sometimes a person feels instantly better. Everyone is different. It is normal to feel tired. This is actually a great sign because in order to work on you the spirits need you relaxed; sleeping or meditating, so this is a great sign you are being worked on. When you are busy running around it is more difficult for them. I found it comes in waves, where you all of a sudden feel incredibly tired. I actually saw spirits coming and working on me and then leaving and then a different one coming and so hence the feeling of waves of sleepiness. We also have to do our half of the work. Meaning why do we have a problem in the first place? There is always an underlying reason that we have an issue. Emotional problems, but also physical health problems and financial and career blocks. So as you ask for healing, spend time reflecting on your life. What things from your early childhood still bother you? What times in your past relationships did you feel hurt and do you still feel a negative emotion when you think about it? If you do then the energy is still in your body and is surely causing you problems. This is a great time to work with the John of God spirits to ask them to help you to release and forgive. And most importantly release and forgive yourself for many times we are feeling guilty and punishing ourselves. You may not know why you have a back pain or a block in your relationships. You can ask for insight and you may receive it, you may not. You may find yourself thinking about a relationship from years ago. But the main thing is just to spend the time to think about this and release negative thoughts that come up. While you are in this spiritual healing bubble, this is the time to free yourself of the negative emotions that are holding you back. Listen to your intuition at this time. You may get messages through dreams or through a conversation with a friend. Sometimes you are guided to a new project or for a new treatment, so be very aware of what is being said to you. It is rare that you will just “hear” a message, so the messages will come to you through work and through friends. Trust your intuition, the first thoughts that come to mind. Especially during this time when you can sense your guidance much stronger.

And most importantly, continue your practices, even when you receive the healing that you asked for. It is too easy to drop back into your negative ways and the health issues will creep back. Catch yourself and use this time to make a lasting and healthy life change.

If you want a personal distance healing petition, please get me your photos asap, my last day is tomorrow click here

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