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Talking Stones

A talking stone is a stone or an object that you can use to receive psychic messages. Many traditions use crystals or stones but other objects can be used too. Basically a stone or a crystal that “talks” to you is one that helps you to connect with the spirit world and to receive spirit guidance. John of God says crystals are living beings and that they will work with you, the more time you spend with them. It is important to make them your own.

To receive messages hold in your hand or place over your heart. Do a meditation and clear your mind before you begin. Now ask questions. Allow thoughts to drift back. Do not force or search for an answer.

Asking Yes/No this is best done standing with your feet shoulder length apart. Hold the talking stone over your heart. Ask a question and see if you are pulled forward (Yes) or if you feel the desire to rock back or away (No)

Throat Chakra stones from Sedona

The turquoise colored stones and crystals make great talking Stones. This is because they resonate with your throat chakra and this includes your Claire Audient centers where you receive messages. You can hold the stone either over your heart of in your hands while meditating. As you ask questions you may feel a buzzing in your right ear. Again, do not search for answers, allow them to flow over you. I got some great Chrysocolla turquoise stones that I brought back from Sedona if you want one click here

Crystal Skulls

These have been used since ancient times but they connect amazingly with some people and don’t do much for others. I find that those who connect with Paleadians and other star beings work the best with the skulls. First do a meditation and then place your third eye on their third eye. Ask questions and see what thoughts “pass over you.” If you find a skull that you work well with you want to keep it near your bed when you sleep as they can help you especially in dream time. I have a few crystal skulls

John of God crystals

Many of you have heard me talk about having at least one personal crystal from John of God. This is a crystal that you keep to yourself and you do not use on others nor even show it to others. Hold it over your heart to connect specifically to the beautiful benevolent spirits in Brazil that work with John of God. Any John of God crystal is great, I particularity like the “intervention crystals.” But you do not want it to be too big as it should fit comfortably in your palm. click here for more on these


Pendulums are in fact talking stones. Any weight on a string will act as a pendulum. I have some ones that are carved from the John of God crystals which have exceptional energy. They are best used for asking Yes/No questions but testing the rotation. To learn more about using these as well as to avoid your emotional influence click here:

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