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The Energy of Sedona

What a beautiful, serene place! Sedona has long been known as a spiritual center and many healers and psychics go there to rejuvenate their energy.

There are 4 main vortexes in the Sedona area but the energy in the entire area is really amazing. If you go to one of the vortexes, especially to the centers you can actually feel the energy. It feels like an uplifting, higher vibration experience. This is very similar to the feeling that you get after hours of meditation. I also felt this same experience in the crop circles in England. The energy you feel at the vortex centers can also stay with you and affect you positively for days.

It is also possible to experience this energy at a distance by tuning in to a point, place or person that is there. Feel free to use me as your connection. If you are on my free healing list I already have your name with me (you are on my list if you get my emails, if not you can sign up on the front of my site).

Nature reacts to the vortexes and you can actually see the plants and trees change as they get closer to the center of a vortex. Juniper trees can actually be seen to twist and bend into the energy field. I noticed this in England where trees grew into the center of a stone circle.

The vortexes are like a funnel of energy that concentrate in the center but spread out about a mile in diameter. You can actually go to these areas where you can sit and meditate in the energy. Some of them are a little bit of a hike.

The 4 vortexes are: The Airport Vortex – considered to be the masculine vortex where one would go to find strength. This is the one where you can find the Jupiter trees.

The Cathedral Rock – The feminine. This is my personal favorite. You can also walk up the river where even if you are only slightly sensitive you can feel the energy.


Boynton Canyon Vortex – thought of as the balance vortex with an equal mixture of yin and yang. This is a great place to bring harmony and resolve to a situation, especially romantic.

Bell Rock Vortex – has 3 sides; the male, the female and the balance sides. Also many Jupiter trees can be found on the rocks with their trunks twisted inward towards the center of the vortex. Any type of spiritual work at these vortexes is greatly enhanced.

Please use me to connect to the energy of Sedona. Just spend some time to meditate and put out the things you would like to come to fruition in your life.

Distance healing- I you ordered a distance healing session from me, I will be working on you from there and using the additional energy. If you want a personal distance healing session from me, click here for more info

Attunements- I do attunements at a distance such as Reiki level attunements. Doing an attunement such as this not only connects you to the spirit world but also to the energy of the land. I can do a psychic opening attunement to enhance your third eye this also connects to the energy of the land. click here for more info

Crystals Infused in Vortex Energy - I brought with me some crystals from Crystalina Brazil and used them for healing work. If you would like one click here ( all the distance healing session and attunements , I will include a crystal for free).

Talking Stones There are many metaphysical shops here and also beautiful crystals. The crystals are more powerful here from being in the vortexes. I got some beautiful “Talking Stones” these are made from natural Chrysocolla and enhanced with the vortex energy. To use them ask a question and then meditate while holding the stone in your hand. Allow the messages or thoughts to flow through you without question. Of for yes/no questions; stand and ask a question, hold the rok over your heart. For a yes answer you will feel more pulled forward. For a no answer you will feel as if you want to rock backwards. To get a talking stone click here

Rose Quartz Hearts These are from Mount Shasta and I brought the here to infuse with the vortex energy. These are for love. click here

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