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Miraculous Healing –John of God Brazil

Miraculous Healing –John of God Brazil

We have had another fantastic week in with John of God in Brazil. No matter how many times I see miracles here I am still in awe and amazement. And it comes from people in my group but also those at home that let me know that they felt the exact moment I was in front of John of God and some “impossible” cure or some wonderful event happened. But why is it that some seem to receive this energy instantly, yet some it takes days or weeks, if at all?

There is no exact science, no rule book for spiritual healing. But don’t expect to sit back and have the spirits do everything for you. John of God says the spirits do half of the work, we need to do our half.

First we must ask for what we want. Spirit can see a multitude of ailments that we have, both physical and emotional but unless we actually ask for release the spirits don’t want to take anything away from us. After all, whatever we have, we have brought to us, as part of our journey to experience. Perhaps we haven’t experienced that bad back long enough. Perhaps we want to keep that horrible relationship a while longer. Spirit can see all the ways they are able to help but we must be willing to release that area of our life.

We all go through life, drawing to us the experiences that we need for our soul growth, the joyous experiences and the ones that are not so pleasant. Only we can decide if we have really experienced enough hurt and pain in a situation that we have derived the learning and are ready to move on.

So are you ready to remove these things? Then ask! For you are the only one that allows these energy blocks to exist.

A physical ailment is only an accumulation of an emotional issue that has repeated over and over to become more and more dense. It is therefore only energy. Spiritual healing is a shift of these energy blocks. If we are ready to let it go, the healing can be instant. If we are reluctant it can take a little longer.

When you open your heart to the spirits and you ask for the help, whether in person or from a distance you are allowing them to shift your blocks. As you follow along with us from a distance, take the time to meditate. To imagine that you are here.

Open your heart by thinking about a loved one and thinking about sending them love. This will expand your heart chakra and allow the spirits to work on you. Then in your mind talk to spirit about all the areas of your life you would like to change. If they are physical issues, notice the memories that seem to come up, as the physical issues are connected to stored negative emotions. If they are emotional issues, notice the area of your body they are drawn to. As equally, negative emotions of the same kind of experience will settle and create blocks in the same area of your body.

Some will feel instant healing. Some may feel very tired and this is when spirits work on you most. For some you may feel a shift a week later, suddenly when you are not expecting it.

If you are open and stay open, the spirits can do miraculous things.

If you are on my email list, and receive emails from me then I have your name with me here.

If you feel like you need a stronger healing, I am taking individual petitions to John of God for a distance healing. For this I will need your photo and some info. I will bring back herbs or a crystal if John of God prescribes them for you. Click here to sign up or for more info

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