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How to make a Prosperity Petition Candle

A Petition candle is made for a specific request that you would like to invoke. When using a candle to petition, it is all about intention. The secret is in the candle preparation to meditate with intention. Choose the appropriate candle and dressings for your petition and program your candle for the result you want.

Protection- It is always important to protect yourself when you are doing any kind of spiritual work. This can be with a larger white altar candle, a John of God crystal, a bubble of white light or whatever psychic protection works for you.

Choose your petition candle – For prosperity I would choose a dark green candle. I would use different colors for other things. Such as Pink for love (family), red for romantic passion, yellow for success. A white candle can also always be substituted.

Choose your dressings – To prepare your candle you want to anoint it with oil. I would use oils like Frankincense, rose and Cakoda oil to draw in prosperity and oils like Filipino Psychic oil to remove blocks and fears. For matters of healing or the heart I might choose a different oil such as Rose oil from Saint Rita. If you don’t have a sacred oil just use any oil. To invoke something or draw it in, rub the oil clockwise as you meditate. To reduce or dissolve something rub the oil anticlockwise.

Choose your offerings – I would choose small offerings of high energy objects like crystals to draw in positive energy and items such as sage and Palo Santos to remove obstacles. I might use hot peppers and Eucalyptus leaves to ask for fast or spicy results. You will be burning these in the candle flame.

Write your petition – write it on thin paper that will easily burn. Try to be concise and only request one thing. You will be burning this in the candle flame.

Timing - of course it would be nice to work with the energy of the moon. To invoke something, like money, light your petition when the moon is waxing (growing) or on a full moon. To remove or dissolve something it would be best lit on a waning moon when the moon is getting smaller. If this is not possible, use the energy of the moon in a different way. For instance for manifesting money, when the moon is waning ask that the moon helps to reduce any blocks or fears, any lack of money.

Light your Candle – Call in white light of protection first. Now light your candle (on a tray or foil). Meditate on your petition looking at the flame. Envision your petition manifesting or your obstacle dissolving. Visualize the outcome you desire and be confidant. You can make sure the leaves or offerings go inside the flame but don’t worry if they are not all lit, they can be around the base of your candle too. Take your written petition and burn it in the flames with the intention of sending that off to spirit. Meditate as long as you can. Do not leave the candle lit and unattended as there is always the possibility of it starting a fire. When you feel you are finished for now you can blow out the candle and come back at a later time and re light. It would be great to fully let the candle burn out but this might take several sessions of meditation so just do it until you feel it is right.

Confirming your Petition – When the wax has cooled, take the remaining candle/wax and other burnt pieces and crystal shards and you are going to bury them in the ground. If you are petitioning to manifest something then add some seeds. If you water the ground and the seeds later grow, this would be wonderful, but just that you included the seeds is a representative that you have “planted the seeds” to manifest your desire. If your petition was to remove something, do not add the seeds and bury it deep with the intention that it is “buried for good”.

Now be open – you have put your desire out to the universe now let the universe do its job. Don’t second guess or get discouraged if it doesn’t happen immediately. Your job is to be open and to allow. Make sure you are not psychically blocking it from coming. Often spirit works in mysterious ways so allow this to manifest in ways you may not have thought of. Be patient and confident.

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