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Healing from Aboriginal Elder

The Native Aboriginals of Australia is unfortunately a wisdom almost lost. Only a few can be called Aboriginal elders who are in charge of the care of the land. Not just the physical care but the spiritual care. This encompasses passing the knowledge and the awareness of not only the traditions but they are the keepers of the underworld working on many different levels and dimensions. I am blessed to be working with “Nanny” who is the Elder in charge of the entire Western Australia Aboriginal lands. She tells me she is helping souls leaving and reincarnating. It seems the more time you spend with her the more you realize there is much more to learn.

I wanted to know how the Aboriginals do their healing work. I was hopeful to help those at home who couldn’t be here with me. I found that they work in a similar way to Native Americans. They don’t need to have the person in the room to work on. In fact most of the work is done without the person physically present, later when the healer is alone (physically but certainly not spiritually). The Healer goes into a semi trance and takes herself to the underworld. This wounds like a dark place yet the underworld is another world very similar to ours with sky and land. In this other-world the healer locates the client’s soul body. It is on the soul that the work is done. Often times there are negative spiritual attachments. There could be karmic forces at play and feelings of deep guilt. It is here that the healer talks to the soul and resolves the issues at a soul level. When the healer returns to the physical they find their client “miraculously” healed.

This is only a small part of the work that is being done and Nanny is kept busy in dream time helping thousands of souls. She recruited me to help her in dream time. So I may not be consciously aware of it but I may be travelling to the underworld while I sleep. There is so much more to learn…..

Follow me as I travel through Australia and on to Bali. You are on my group healing list and so just meditate to connect with me.

If you want to have a personal distance healing with me, I will need a photo and petition, it will include the distance healing session as well as taking you to all the sacred sites and continuing to work on you during this trip. So get me your photo asap. Tell me your main goals; healing physically, love matters, family, abundance, career…. You can include all of it. Anything I use for your healing (I will use some trinkets and things from the Earth) I will sent to you on my return.. click here for personal distance healing

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