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John of God -What to Pack


Wear White - It is required that you must wear white during the days that the Casa is in session. This is a request by the entities and it is believed it is so they can read your energy. The other days and after the sessions around town you can wear colors. However if you were to receive a “surgery” (which is very likely) you will need to wear white for the 24 hours in your room and will need something white to sleep in. You can wear colors around town on the off days and the evenings, though you will see many people still in white. So pack lots of white you can’t go wrong. You will see almost everyone in complete white and you will want to fit in. Your outfits can be casual or more dressy but be conservative. If you have short shorts or a short skirt it is likely they will cover your legs with a sheet in the current rooms. Just think that you want to join in and you don’t want to be a distraction.

I get a lot of questions about the white clothes

  • Can it be off white, cream or beige?: Preferably not, do your best to get white or as close to it.

  • What about the little things; belts, shoes, hand bags, underwear. Do your best to have everything white but the little things are acceptable. You will see that most people really do have white sneakers, white hand bags etc.

Of course you can buy pretty much everything in the local shops and stands there. You can find white pants, shirts, dresses, handbags, even shoes.

Dressy Clothes - you will not need any “dressy clothes”, there is nowhere dressed up to go. I leave my heals at home.

Temperature- In Dec – Feb, temp is about 80’s with periodic tropical rain storms. It gets quite humid. If you are coming in those months a rain coat would be good, preferably clear or white but doesn’t have to be and they do sell them in town. They also sell umbrellas. The rest of the year the temperature is very nice 70’s and 80’s most of the time. Their winter is June where the night time you may need a sweater if it goes down to 68. Really the weather is pretty awesome all year round. If you go in the rainy months buy cheap white sneakers to throw away (they will get muddy and its red mud!) The bottoms of your white pants tend to get red mud too. Most of the time you will be too hot so wear summer clothes and just maybe one or two light seaters for the evening.

Shoes – I buy cheap white sneakers to throw away

Swim Suit - for waterfall. It doesn’t have to be white can be any color. You could also go in shorts and T shirt. All women go together separate from the men. You do have to walk onto a few rough steps to get under. Some people like to bring water shoes, I usually just go bare feet. So that depends on how able you are.

Towels – they do provide towels and you can also take these to the waterfall. Towels are pretty thin and sparse if you want to bring an extra you can but not necessary.

Electric - It is 220. You would only need a 220 – 110 plug converter for things like hairdryers. Computers and cell phones usually don’t need it (it’s built in).

You will need the adapter with the 2 round prongs to fit your US plugs (it is different to the Spain one, ask me for pic if you are not sure).

Internet - there is Internet at the Hotel and the Villas works most of the time. There is also a free phone to call the US in the hotel. There are 2 internet cafes with computers, great place for printing photos of loved ones for the triangle (but feel free to bring pics with).

Money Exchange – The hotel now has an ATM where you can get about $250 a day. There are exchange places to change your cash and the rate is pretty good. Not worth changing before you arrive you can change there. Many places including the Casa shop take credit cards (for crystals, herbs etc.). The Casa shop will also take US Dollars and Euros.

Bug spray – Sun Block - I have never had a problem with mosquitos or bugs, so I have never bothered with bug spray. There are the occasional spiders but I don’t find bugs to be a huge problem. If you are very sensitive and it is the rainy season you can. Or for the waterfall. Sun block is recommended, there will be quite a lot of sitting around in the sun at the casa. A white sun hat would also be good and of course they sell there.

Spending Money - This is really up to you. You will need a little for herbs and extra blessed water and extra crystal bed sessions and occasional drinks at Fruities. So you would need at least $2-300. However most people spend a lot more on crystals, so that’s up to you. They have an incredible selection and they are good prices – good job they take credit cards!

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