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After Receiving a Healing from John of God

This is mostly directed at people that requested a personal distance healing with a photo and may have been prescribed herbs. Even if you were on the group healing list of names only you will still be receiving the energy. (You do not need to follow the rules for herbs though unless you are actually on herbs).

So you received a beautiful healing from John of God. I hope that you are feeling positive results in what you asked for. This is a connection to the spirits and they will continue to work on you for as long as they feel it is needed. I do not do any further distance healing on you as you are in the best care possible and the spirits from the Casa will continue to work on your energy.

Some people feel the energy from the moment they sent their picture. Some people feel the times when I actually went in front of John of God with your petition and particularly when the Entity (spirit in side John of God) gave your healing blessing. Don’t worry if you didn’t notice those times, some people feel energies better than others but it doesn’t mean your healing is any less.

Some people will feel their healing is almost instant or very quick while with others it takes time. It is important to be involved with your healing. John of God says the spirits do half of the work, we need to do the other half. All our illnesses came to us for a reason. It could be holding on to negative feelings but it could be past life related that we are not really sure about. Spend the time to sit quietly and meditate, ask these spirits to help guide you. And really dig deep about what you could be holding on to and try your best to release. (If you asked for a child the healing may be for you too). The spirits continue to be connected to you and helping you, so keep talking to them asking for guidance. I find especially right before you go to sleep is a good time to talk to them. Also if you are trusting and expect to be healed they will be more easily able to work on you. John of God says it is God that does the dealing so as you meditate pray to God or what ever higher power you believe in.

If you find yourself dwelling on something negative in the past, it is probably something you are releasing, be easy on yourself for the next few weeks. You may feel the need to rest more. This is a good thing. The spirits can more easily help you when you are still with your eyes closed or asleep. So get plenty of rest right now.

John of God sometimes prescribes herbs. The herbs come from a plant called Passiflora that grows by the sacred waterfall on the grounds of the Casa de Dom Inácio. They used to be given as a liquid, but are now more conveniently dried and in capsules. Although the same herb is given to all, the energy of the prescription is individualized by the Entities (spirits working through John of God) and the energy prescription incorporated into that person’s herbs. The herbs themselves have no medicinal properties and no side effects. It is the energy that John of God infuses into the herbs that creates the healing energy for that particular person. Taking these herbs helps the spirits to be able to keep the energy connection with you that you already have. If you didn’t receive your herbs for a few weeks the spirits know and the connection is still there.

If you received herbs, these are for you specifically. Take three times a day until they are finished (about 40 days). There are a few rules that must be adhered to while taking the herbs: (1) Do not use pepper (they say any pepper but this is difficult and some interpret as just don’t use pepper but if there is a little in food it is hard to avoid. Definitely no spicy peppers food such as chili pepper, cayenne, etc.) Bell peppers are ok. (2) No alcohol. I get asked if a small glass is ok. No the rule is no alcohol and I would really be careful to stick to this especially if you have asked to heal something very severe. (3) The no pork rule was recently lifted so now pork is ok. No fertilized eggs (this is more for a certain type of eggs found in Brazil. I wouldn’t be concerned about supermarket eggs). These rules are while taking the herbs, so no need to start before you get the herbs. Also it is not exactly 40 days, it is whenever you finish them that the rules are done.

(The no sex rule is not to do with the herbs. It is only if someone receives a surgery or someone on your behalf which you didn’t).

Sometimes John of God does not prescribe herbs but takes your picture for further work, this is an honor if he does this, don’t be disappointed if you asked for herbs and didn’t get them. They are still connected to you.

If you did not get herbs and asked for a crystal instead, or if you asked for a crystal as well you can use your crystal to help you keep a strong connection with the spirits in a similar way that the herbs connect you. Take some time to reflect and meditate. If you can do this every day that would be great. Hold the crystal over your heart and think about the Casa and John of God and you will receive a connection to the spirits. Talk to them and continue to ask them for what you would like help with.

You may want to keep your crystal on a bed side table, under your pillow or close by you.

Don’t worry even after you have finished your herbs you are still connected to the energies and at any time you can sit and meditate and the spirits are listening.

I hope this answers any of your questions but if there is something else please email

If you want a personal distance healing from John of God click here

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