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Flying to John of God


Where - The Casa, healing center of John of God is in Abadiania about 1.5- 2hr drive from Brasilia airport (code BSB), which is central Brazil. John of God is it’s own little town. There are about 20 small hotels and the whole area is all about John of God.

John of God is in session twice a day on Wed, Thu and Fri. My group usually tries to arrive Tue morning. If possible it is nice to arrive Tue morning so you can settle in and take an orientation at the casa on Tue afternoon and be ready for the Wed 8am session with John of God. But don’t worry if you can’t make it on Tue you can always catch up.

Ground Transportation- I meet my group at the airport in Brasila Tue am. I provide a bus and we plan to leave around 9.30 am Tue when I have everyone. If for some reason it is much cheaper or better for you to arrive at a different time and say get in Tue eve or you miss a flight I send a private car for you, which is fine there is just an additional charge. If you are travelling by yourself without a group, you need to arrange transportation BEFORE you arrive at the airport. You cannot just get a taxi there. The cars come from John of God to meet you at the airport.

Flights- Most flights are overnight and leave Mon eve to arrive Tue am.

Coming from the US or Canada- Some on my group will be flying on the American Airlines flight that connects in Miami to Brasilia and arrives in Brasilia around 9am. So you can fly from Los Angeles but it flies from other cities. It leaves Miami at about 10pm. Out of Los Angeles there is a morning flight and a 2pm flight to Miami. The 2pm flight is cutting it a little tight. Los Angeles to Brasilia on American is about $1300.

There is a Delta flight that goes through Atlanta that leaves Mon and arrives Tue morning.

There is also a Copa Flight, really good and cheap but you either have to leave Sun night late and arrives Mon at midnight ( stay in Brasilia airport for a night and be there for bus in the am) or arrives Tue eve and then you’ll need a private car. The Copa flight is around $1100. I can suggest hotels near Brasilia airport.

Some flights also connect through Rio or San Paulo.

We normally fly back on the second Sat eve but if you need to stay til Sun it’s no problem.

I find it best to go to one of the sites like and check out all the options and then I usually book direct with the airline.

Coming from Europe – check out flights on TAM which fly via Lisbon, Portugal. Some others actually fly to Atlanta, US and then down to Brasilia.

Visa- if you have a US or Canadian passport you will need to get a Brazilian Visa. This can take a week to 10 days, so be prepared. First you have to book your flight. You can make a Visa appointment online with your local Brazilian Consulate. Then you will need to go in with your passport and flight info. There are online services that will do this for you and some offer expedited services, check them out they are not always quicker than going direct and they charge about $100. If you have a European passport you don’t need a visa.

Luggage – there is a wonderful Brazilian law that states that you get 2x 70lb bags free. This doesn’t matter what airline nor class it is the law! That means you get plenty of space for all those wonderful crystals. Note this is international so if you are taking s local plane from Rio to Brasilia make sure it is booked under the same ticket so the bags are included on that leg too.

Check out more information on tours to Brazil click here

Or feel free to ask question

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