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How to petition to the Saints

How do you petition to the Saints and receive healing and blessings?

Meditation and prayer are really the same thing. It is important that we actually pray or ask for what we want. The saints and spirits can help us, but only if we ask for their help. Take the time to meditate. Choose the Saint or energy that you wish to petition to. First protect yourself with white light then put the saint in your mind. The best time I find is either at night right before you sleep or right as you awake. Writing your request down helps and if you have an area or altar that you use, put some images or items that connect you to the energy. If you have an item hold it or put it beside you. If you don’t have anything hold an image in your mind.

I am bringing back a few personal blessed items from Saint Francis, Saint Rita and other sacred places: rosaries, blessed oil, protection pendants & items given by to me by the nuns, I just have a few, sorry if I don’t have what you want, I am trying to make it fair and posting them (“out of stock” means it sold already, sorry in advance).

Saint Francis of Assisi

Patron saint of animals. He was also a wonderful healer of people. He said that he heals the soul with disregard for the physical issue. I believe he knew that all physical ailments develop from emotional and spiritual misalignment. A letter he wrote was passed over people and would heal them. His prayers have a powerful affect. Use a prayer card or say his prayer when you petition to him. If you are asking about an animal a photo of them would be great to use. As for people Saint Francis was very strict and dedicated with himself. If you are asking to be more dedicated or focused yourself or to be a better healer he would be good to petition to. I would not ask him for frivolous requests.

Saint Rita of Cascia

Connected to John of God. She left healing energy on anything and anybody she touched. A vine she cared for is still healthy today 700 years later, as is her rose garden. She is often accompanied by the smell of roses. Because of her life story and experience she is known as the Saint of the Impossible. She is the one who helps dissolve disagreements and helps with abusive relationships and family problems. I was given some blessed rose petals and rose oil from her nuns. Rita had life experience before she became a nun and so I feel she is understanding on real life issues and particularly with difficult marriages and helping to create peace in the family.

Madonna dell’ Ambro

This is called “little Lourdes” and is the site and sanctuary where the Virgin Mary appeared. Pilgrims come from all over the world to connect with the healing site. This is a very similar story to Lourdes of France. In Ambro, the Virgin Mary appeared to a little girl who couldn’t hear nor speak. She was immediately and miraculously healed. This is a great place to connect with if you are praying for a miracle! This was one of my favorite places and I collected stones from the stream. Meditate on the image of the Madonna statue from the sanctuary.

The Black Madonna

This is in the Basilica of Loreto. The original stones from the home of Mary in Palestine were moved and rebuilt inside the Basilica. The Black Madonna is inside Mary’s home. I was given a blessing and anointment from a priest in this sacred place. You can petition to the Black Madonna for many different situations. Because this particular image is located within the home of Mary this image is very powerful. Some also think the Black Madonna represents the psychic arts and magic powers.

Saint Nicola of Tolentino

Known for removing negative attachments, I believe Saint Nicola is one of the most powerful healing saints. So powerful was his touch, after he died they tried to steal his arms. He has beautiful sweet and loving energy and his images always appear smiling. If you are asking for healing or help where negative energies, attachments or clouding of the aura might be involved, Nicola I believe is one of the strongest for this type of healer. Today they pass cloth over the saint’s body and they believe a small piece has great healing powers. I have a few blessing cads with a small piece of the cloth.

Padre Pio

Relatively recent (he died in 1968) Padre Pio was known to have miraculous healing touch. He received the stigmata. He is a beautiful sweet and understanding spirit. He is wonderful to ask for healing on all levels.

Sanctuary di Macereto

Holds the “Madonna and Child” with miraculous healing properties. The story goes that the pilgrims where going cross country with this icon when their train of donkeys all suddenly stopped and kneeled on one leg. The locals too this as a sign that the statue would remain here. Meditate on the image of Madonna and child to receive healing.

When you have a request, read about the different saints or look at their image and it will come to you, who is good to help you. Simply asking will set your request in motion.

I have a few blessed items from Saint Francis, Saint Rita and other sacred places: rosaries, blessed oil, protection pendants & items given by to me by the nuns. Use these when you meditate to help you to connect to the energy.

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