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St Nicholas – removing negative attachments

St Nicholas – removing negative attachments

Saint Nicholas of Tolentine was one of the most beautiful energies I have experienced. I could have sat for hours in the square of his Bascilica under the statue with his smiling face looking down on me. He appeared as a sweet loving friendly soul which on all accounts he was.

Saint Nicholas was born in 1245 and at age 15 entered the St Augustine order to become a monk in Tolentine. Italy.

There are many stories of this beautiful loving saint as a healer, performing “miracle” healings by placing his hands or praying over someone. He also received a healing himself when he was very sick. Apparently close to death he saw the vision of the Virgin Mary who told him she would bless some bread and if he ate it, he would recover. He ate the bread and was immediately better. This is the reason for the blessing of the bread day in his honor.

However Saint Nicolas is best known for retrieving lost souls from purgatory. The story goes that a spirit came to him one night and begged for help, asking that Saint Nicolas assist him to ascend from purgatory. Nicolas wasn’t sure what to do but prayed for him and held a mass. The spirit came back and said he had been successful in healing many souls. So Nicolas became known for releasing these earth bound spirits. What in today’s spiritism we would associate with releasing negative entities and earth bound attachments?

More often than you would think, this can cause all kinds of health issues, depression, sickness, and even physical ailments. If a person is affected by earthbound spirits and a healing is able to help this spirit pass to the white light, then the affected person may show “miraculous” results.

Saint Nicholas became well known for his miraculous healings and people would come from all over the region to see him. So revered was he that after he died a radical tried to cut off his “magical” arms and steal them. Although Saint Nicholas had been dead for some time, fresh blood ran as if he was alive. His body had to be hidden for protection. Later his arms and the rest of his body were laid to rest in the tomb that you can visit today. He is incased in a silver casket and his miracle arms are covered in Gold. When we went to visit is was as if by Divine intervention, the others cleared and we were left totally alone in the crypt to sit with Saint Francis. There was a beautiful loving feeling that filled the room.

Petition to Saint Nicholas if you feel that you or a loved one is affected by earthbound entities.

I have a few cards I got from the priest at Saint Nicolas they have a small piece of cloth that was passed over the body of the Saint for healing properties, if you want one just have a couple click here

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