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Saint Rita Miraculous Powers

White Bees - Saint Rita seemed to have been born with miraculous powers. In fact there are stories even of her as a baby, gifted with the power of healing. One particular story goes that Rita was with her mother and father outside when a farmer passed by. He had badly injured his hand which was bleeding and he was going to town to seek help when he passed a strange site. The farmer saw a baby in a crib and he noticed that “white bees” seemed to be flying around this baby. Concerned, he drew closer but now he observed these white bees flying in and out of her mouth. Standing looking at the baby with Rita’s parents they all saw this strange sight. Suddenly the farmer’s hand stopped bleeding and was healed in front of them. Somehow being in the presence of the baby had heeled him. A small amount of honey was present in the baby Rita’s mouth.

Stigmata - After Rita was able to live her life-long dream to become a nun, she entered the church in complete devotion, praying several times a day. So deep was her love for Jesus she actually wanted to know what it felt like for him on the cross. She asked to feel the pain and suffering. It was one of these days when she was praying in front of the cross that something strange and miraculous happened. A holy thorn, as if from the crown of Jesus entered her forehead. This was a real thorn, thick and deep that made a deep incision into her forehead and was probably over an inch in length. She left this thorn in her forehead where she could continue to be reminded of his pain. This was a stigmata, and she kept this thorn through the end of her life.

There is one story about how she wanted to go to Rome on a pilgrimage with another order but they were afraid that the open deep wound and protruding thorn would scare the other nuns. Plus it was infected and festering and apparently smelled quite bad. It was then that Rita agreed to allow a healing poultice to be applied and it did in fact heal. However after she returned from the pilgrimage in Rome the wounds and thorn miraculously returned.

Healing Family Matters - Over Rita’s lifetime, there were many reports of people being healed just by being in her presence. But in particular Rita is known for bringing resolution between family members and healing difficult and abusive relationships. Because she went through this herself she was able to relate to people’s family problems as well as offer sincere prayers of sympathy to women in this situation. She was able to resolve the conflict vendetta between two families that had hated each other for generations.

Saint Rita known as the Saint of the Impossibles. If you or a loved one have a difficult or abusive relationship or wish for peace between arguing parties, petition to Saint Rita for help.

I have a few blessed items that I received from the nuns at Saint Rita click here

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Her ability to heal, both physically and Tunnel Rush emotionally, resonates with many people who seek solace and resolution in their lives.


Madam Sara
Madam Sara
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Many people believe that she has magical powers that's not my neighbor and is always willing to help those in need.

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