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Black Madonna- Italy

We’re here in Loreto, the second most important religious site in Italy, after the Vatican of course! Famous for Mary’s House and the Black Madonna. You can imagine why the pope makes regular visits here - wow, it is absolutely spectacular! With huge carved columns, lavish gold guild and paintings to be in awe of, this is a basilica on a grand scale.

However inside is something drawing you in. Something smaller, less grand but much more powerful than anything else. This is the house of Mary.

According to ancient tradition in 1291 when the crusaders were expelled from Palestine it is said that they took the house of The Virgin Mary with them. That is they took the home that she lived in, brick by brick and transported it from the Holy Lands to Loreto, Italy. They resurrected the home exactly how it was in its new place in Italy. According to archeologists this appears to be confirmed.

Mary’s house in Palestine was originally only three sided, with the fourth side backing into a cave in the hill. Now, in Loretta the fourth or back side is replaced with a beautiful alter, displaying the magnificent Black Madonna adorned in a gold dress, making this home an ultimate place of worship.

We were allowed to enter this house, stand in the energy and even touch the walls. Touch the walls! I stood with my back against the wall! My whole body pressed against the stones, my heart pulsating against the bricks, feeling the ancient energy running through my body as I gazed in awe at the Black Madonna.

In the early days of Christianity in Europe, statues of Mary and child were made from dark woods. Over time they would become blackened with the candle smoke and so it became customary to see these dark wood statues. In later centuries they were often even painted black to look like the earlier ones. This particular one is painted and replaced the original one several hundred years ago. Still the presence of that statue was intense.

The heads of Mary and baby Jesus are black wood but the rest is an ornate beautiful gold gown. I stood frozen in awe for what seemed like a very long time, contemplating and praying. I snapped a few photos. However later when I looked at the photos some you could see the gold dress clearly, yet on just a few the dress was pure white light!

This is just how she felt, Pure White Light!

Exiting behind the altar and in fact just inches from her feet, a wave of love passed over me. I felt protected and loved.

Waiting directly as I exited the little Mary house, as if by serendipity, was a priest waiting to give blessings. I stopped and spoke to him for a minute and made out a card so that all my people at home would receive the blessing. This he assured me would be part of their prayers in the next mass. He then blessed myself and my requests with holy oil gifting me the most beautiful pendant cards. I hadn’t seen him before and shortly after he was gone.

I bought myself a statue of the Black Madonna to put on my altar at home along with a pendant card blessed by the priest’s oil.

Just as she watches over Mary’s House, I feel great love and protection from this icon.

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This one is painted, and it took the place of the one that was there hundreds of years ago. Still, that figure was a very strong presence. slope game

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