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Little Lourdes, healing waters

Today many pilgrims go to the Madonna dell’ Ambro seeking miraculous cures and healing in the holy water of the stream and there are many reports of such miraculous healings. The story is very similar to that of Lourdes in France, though thankfully the place is much lesser known. The story goes in May in the year 1000 a little girl named Santini was with her flock of sheep in the mountains. When all of a sudden a beautiful white light appeared above a large rock by the stream. Santini was over powered by the feeling of love. It was an apparition of the Virgin Mary. The little girl had been deaf and dumb from birth but upon experiencing this vision, she was suddenly and miraculous healed and was given the gift of speech.

As many such sites visited by Mary, the energy stays for centuries. Now a chapel and sanctuary has been built at the site. The chapel was stunningly beautiful and the energy amazing. Many left photos of their loved ones in the chapel and petitions for healing.

A short walk up stream was the actual site where the apparition occurred. What was truly amazing was that there were very few people there. One could sit and mediate, dip their feet in the water completely in solitude. This is not always true at some of these sites but here the energy was undisturbed and one could really feel it.

I did some healing work for those at home and took a few small but very powerful stones from the stream to give to the people I did the healings for.

I absolutely loved this place, In fact this was one of the most powerful healing sites I have ever experienced.

I will be visiting many healing sites in Italy, if you would like a distance healing from one of these sites click here

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