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Hawaii, Magical Birthing Stones

Hawaii, Magical Birthing Stones

For the blessing of a child or a new project

These are the magical Birthing Stones, found on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Their original origin and purpose is not completely know as they are believed to have been there for thousands of years. It is known that they have been used as a sacred site for the last several centuries as the Birthing Stones for the royal families. The queen would come here when she was about to give birth. All the royal members and high priests would gather here for this important moment. The royal birth would take place on one of the stones. The infant King or Queen was then taken away by the priests where they would be raised in secrecy. This was done to place the infant in hiding for protection. It is also believed the child would be raised to learn the sacred secrets of the high priests.

Just like Stonehenge there is great mystery as to where these stones came from. They are impressively large and must have been moved from long distances to be placed here. Something we are not capable of today. When I first came to visit this site, I was very impressed by the high energy. Those remotely sensitive can feel it. It is not too highly visited and if you go early at a quiet time you can often get time alone. You can even lay on the stones and will find several quite comfortable. You can lay quietly and allow yourself to drift into meditation. I got visions of several ceremonies dating back far before these birthings. I believe these stones were used as a birthing place because they were already know as a place of very high energy. I also believe they lay at a point on the island were the energy lines cross. For me this place is one of the highest for receiving a blessing for those wishing to conceive or for the blessing of the unborn child. It is also great energy for the birthing of a new career or new project, in fact almost anything that is a new creation. I am thrilled to be returning to this sacred place next week Thu May 29th. Get on my FREE HEALING LIST to feel the energy remotely. If you are interested in receiving a psychic attunement inside the stone site you can order one before I go. A psychic attunement, opens you psychically but also connects you to the place and the energy. So if you want an attunement, state if you have a particular intention such as: for conception or blessing of a child, for the prosperity of a new business, for the blessing of a new relationship, etc.

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