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Psychic Surgery in the Phillipines

Cutting deep wounds into the body, taking out tumors with no anesthetic but lots of blood and guts. This all sounds a bit fake and reeks of chicken guts and pig blood to us westerners. Still I’ve been to John of God and seen and believe in many things I never would have considered before. In the Philippines this is all accepted practice. I was even on a flight recently next to a gentleman from Manila who was telling me his wife was in the hospital having surgery. “Why didn’t you take her to one of those psychic surgeons? I’ve heard they have lots in your country. Have you not heard of them or don’t you believe in them?”

“Oh, yes, absolutely. In fact I know many people who have been and have been totally healed. Everyone knows about them. I just prefer to go to a medical doctor.”

So it seems many people know and believe in the healers of the Philippines, even the ones who prefer to go to a medical doctor. Just as if it a kind of a preference.

“Some are fake, sure.” He continued. “They pull out bits of chicken liver and show it off. But no, many of them are real. Don’t ask me how it works, but it does.” He goes on to explain how they are able to make large incisions on people without instruments and while their patients are asleep.

I am very excited as in a few days I will be on my way to Manila and then a six hour bus ride into the mountains of Bagdia to visit a psychic healer named Ambrosio.

My friend Robert is taking me. Him and his wife visited over a decade ago and were completely blown away. Apparently he was quite pleased but not surprised to see them. The spirits had already told him of their arrival. Ambrosio welcomed them to his clinic and to observe his afternoon of patients.

As they arrived at the “clinic” it turned out to be something that looked like an old garage. It had a bent and rusted old garage door that he rolled up to signal to the customers the office was open. The surgical room was a makeshift bench in the center of the room. There was not much else except a very large bible. A line of people waiting in the street had already gathered in anticipation.

Then the session stared with a lot of praying over the large bible. It appeared to be all Christian based with long prayers and chants of love and praise. Then one after another the clients lay down on his “operating table.”

My friend Robert watched in amazement as he passed his hand over the body and a large incision formed without him even touching the body at all. Then Ambrosio placed his hand gently inside the open wound, deeper and deeper until his entire hand was inside. Yes there was a lot of blood and standing inches away Robert was convinced it was real. And if that wasn’t convincing enough, he invited Robert and his wife to try putting their hand in the open body. Robert said his hand slipped inside and it felt just like warm butter.

The trip was amazing, Robert saw many miraculous healings and left without the slightest doubt that this was real.

I have now been invited to visit this amazing healer. He has never been filmed before that I know and is a fairly reclusive man, so I am honored to be able to film.

Ambrosio is convinced that with a little couching, a lot of faith in God and all my healing

muster, I too will be able to open the body in such a way……

Stay tuned, I will let you know how it goes and take lots of pics.

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