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Experiencing the Philippines 2

The next day we headed up to Baguio to meet Ambrosio, a Filipino healer know for psychic surgery or “opening the body.” Ambrosio was set to retire and to pass the Gift to me. I wasn’t so confident so he agreed to come back from the “provinces” to work with me and my group. The first day we talked and he explained how he had received the “Gift” and about the Filipino’s beliefs in healing. For those who have studied spiritual healing, many of the concepts of spiritism are very similar. Ambrosio explained how the magnetic healing works to remove blocked or stuck energy in the body. How our emotional and spiritual issues often create physical ailments and how these can be dissolved by “moving the energy.”

My group got to spend several days in the Baguio mountains studying and receiving healing with Ambrosio. He recommended lots of time meditating in our surroundings. The place was nestled in the pine forest of the Baguio hills. As you sat and connected with the earth, Ambrosio was correct, you could feel the wisdom of the hills. I collected pine needles and pine comes from the land I felt had amazing healing properties.

Many of the Psychic Surgeons come from this region Baguio. Why is this? Is it something in the gene pool or is it the place itself? The indigenous people of Baguio are called the Ingorots. The Ingorot tribes new the ancient ways of healing and indeed practiced psychic surgery. So it seems, like the Native American tribes, the Ingorot tribes knew the land and how to live harmoniously. They knew how to use the native plants and how to work with spirit. And they passed their abilities and teachings through the generations.

Of course now, the original Ingorot people leaving in this manner are few and far between but much of their traditions lives on. We were able to meet people in the original costume and talk to them about some of their customs. We took a trip into the tribal area where they still make hand craved wood carvings.

I purchased some hand carved sun gods to hang around the house that the Ingorots believe are to bring Good Luck into the home or business. I also found some little brushes that were made from the pine needles of those sacred pine forests. I could feel how special these were and thought I could use them in my smudging ceremonies, to spread to the smoke of sweet grass or sage. Great for healing and protection!

If you want any of the Ingorot crafts I just have a few, click here

The first day we worked with Ambrosio he taught us magnetic healing. This he explained is the REAL healing. Although the Psychic surgery, blood and guts is impressive, don’t get hung up on that. The real healing is the energy or shifting of energy they call magnetic. It was obvious my client’s felt that. In fact many passed out for the rest of the day. The next day one of my clients had an abdominal scar prominent and several inches long. Yes! A real scar! How could this be? There had been no incisions at all. Just energy healing, laying of hands or magnetic healing. I believe this was a sign from spirit to let her know her healing had been completed.

Over the following days, Ambrosio used me as an assistant as he worked on my clients, demonstrating psychic surgery healing and opening their chakras to enable them to experience and use the magnetic healing energy. In many cases their bodies appeared to open and there was blood. Is that part real? Many said it was, and actually experienced the opening and saw the incision appearing. And many had incredible results.

David was photographing through my phone camera and took some short video clips. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He could actually see orbs through the view finder coming up and across the frame. He admitted he didn’t really believe in orbs and if he hadn’t believed it himself he would have thought it to be a trick. I was very impressed as I have never seen orbs on the video of my phone camera before. And it wasn’t once it was many times. Even in videos of just talking with Ambrosio. The energy was very clear. And many of my clients also caught orbs on their videos too.

There was for sure something very special about both the place and the healer Ambrosio. I found some beautiful rose quartz and flourite crystal strings that I asked Ambrosio to bless and I connected with the pine forest of Baugio to bring home the energy.

Crystal strings from Baugio click here

My clients left with many wonderful stories and experiences. Much of their ailments were cured or they could feel substantial results. Their own healing abilities am sure were raised to a whole new level. I don’t expect any of them to be performing the opening of the body anytime soon, but the magnetic healing abilities and the connection to the Filipino guides I am sure is going to always be with them. An experience of a lifetime for sure.

Ambrosio’s story is included in more detail in my book “The Gift”

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