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Experiencing the Philippines 1

Having just come back from another amazing trip to the Philippines there are of course loads of new experiences to share. My first time there was last fall when I went to meet the Filipino Psychic healer Ambrosio. Of course I had an amazing experience, received way more than I expected, wrote a book in 3 days and came home with “The Gift.” The whole experience was surreal and I was far from ready.

So I went back to work with Ambrosio as well as the other healers I had met and this time took a group with me.

We landed in Manila, a heavily populated city, not my favorite tourist spot. But just outside the city I had met a wonderful healer Anthony Vivero. Anthony’s story is he was a normal business man, not particularly religious “not a particularly good man” as he puts it. When he was visited by a Divine Being, he believes was “The Father.” The spirit told him he would start his healing mission.

I took my group the first day we landed. Anthony holds a healing session from his house two days a week. Locals crowed around, a gathering that has now grown to several hundred each session with chairs and benches stretching across the street to his neighbors. We were the special guest Americans! Actually Canadians, Australians and Europeans as well. Anthony spoke in English to us and made us very welcome. Anthony is clearly catholic with a prominent Virgin Mary statue present behind him but all faiths are welcome.

First Anthony diagnoses the group. This means that each person comes up in front of him and he looks at their energy and makes an assessment of what they need. He interjects some of his own personality as he entertains the entire group with a fun, jokes and his loving ministry. The diagnosis session takes several hours.

Then to the group healing session. Anthony showed us his healing oil jar. A glass jar filled with simple baby oil with a sacred stone at the bottom. He told us the story of how he received the sacred stone and was instructed to anoint the oil. The oil was blessed with the rose petals that has been around the Virgin Mary that day. With a little bowl of the oil from the jar he walked around the audience, going to each person. He anointed them with the oil, placed his hands on their head or shoulders and asked that they receive the healing.

I was able to buy a few bottles of the Holy Oil to bring home with me. I have been using it on myself and really feel a soft loving energy.

Click here if you want one of the Holy Oil bottles

You could feel a wave of energy as Anthony came through the crowd. The locals were so loving and accepting of our group being there. Many spoke English and were able to share their miraculous stories. Some has been healed of cancer. Some had brought their mother or children in wheelchairs who could now walk. It was clear that many there had been coming to Anthony’s sessions for a while and were in complete awe and devotion of the healing powers working there.

My group really felt the energy. As Anthony came around the group I closed my eyes and thought of everyone at home. My fingers tingles and I felt surrounded by a loving light. Very similar to being in the John of God current room.

Many of my clients were very impressed with Anthony’s diagnosis of their issues and really felt healing that night and for several days. Many issues were completely and miraculously resolved.

Anthony does not do “psychic surgery” or opening of the body like many Filipino healers. He said he prefers the laying of the hands which he said works perfectly for him.

Anthony’s story is included in more detail in my book “The Gift”

After the mass healing he invites any people who have questions or want more personal one on one time to stay and work with him. My group was given wonderful personal treatment. Anthony was in top form excited to share many healing stories and spend time with each of us.

Continue reading…….more blog to follow

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