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Vivero Philippino Healer

Vivero Filipino Healer

Anthony Vivero’s story is quite unusual. He was not born with the Gift nor passed down from his family. No, Anthony was a business man, running a construction company when one night he received a visit from a powerful being. He said he was overwhelmed by the energy that he believed to be “the Father.” He said he was shaking and sweating and although it was beautiful he was scared as well. The being told him he would be a healer and showed him how he would diagnose illnesses and how he would heal them. Anthony said he didn’t believe he could heal people and even if he did how would people know to come to him? The spirit told him not to worry. A little later an Angel appeared to him and wrote some notes on a paper. He was told to seek out a famous newscaster in the Philippines and warn her of a danger in a trip she was going on. He was able to get to the newscaster and warn her. She said no one knew of the trip and it must be true. That night Anthony was on the news and thousands flocked to him for healing. He remains a businessman but twice a week he holds mass healings. First the people line up and Anthony diagnoses them, telling them what they need. Then after Anthony walks through touching each person and healing. He anoints them with holy water for the healing. I brought a few bottles back with me!

I spoke to so many there who had miraculous stories. Stories of walking for the first time, being cured of cancer, receiving the job they wanted or being blessed with a baby. Anthony says the best thing we can do for our karma is to do as many good deeds as possible. He is certainly an example of that!

If you want to learn more about the holy oil click here

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