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The Pink Sisters

The Pink Sisters

Tucked away in a quaint part of Baguio, in the Philippines is a chapel known as the chapel of the Pink Sisters. This order of nuns has become famous for praying for peoples wishes. People come from all over the Philippines and in fact world-wide to seek the blessings of these pure souls. There are only 16 nuns left in the order who eat sleep and pray in the chapel. They are actually separated from the visitors by a white mesh fence. We got to speak with the Sister in charge. She explained that the order just celebrated their 100th anniversary. These beautiful ladies, sing palms and pray most of the day with just a few hours where they can converse. People travel from miles to write their wishes at the chapel. Baskets of hundreds of prayer requests are received each day. Each evening at 7pm the nuns open the requests, set them at the feet of their statue of Jesus and pray over them. Several people have returned to thank the nuns that they have now conceived a child or passed the exam the ask for assistance on. For many more they just hear by word of mouth that the request is answered and others have come because they heard from a friend how their wishes come true. But in many cases they do not know the outcome. They just pray to God and hope their prayers are answered.

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