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Cakoda in Bali

Our visit to the healer Cadoka in Bali was amazing. He took each person individually. First he asked if there was a particular ailment, though he seemed to know. Then I most cases they needed work and he asked the person to lie down. Then using a chopstick like instrument he tested points on their toes. Particularly painful spots seemed to relate to a blockage on their body. After working on the person he tested the point again. To their surprise the pain was almost always completely gone.

It was my turn. He asked me to lie down and then wrote in pen in my palm. It looked like a familiar sacred symbol but I am still not sure exactly what. Then he explained that he was placing his healing power in my palm. He rubbed it, and said “now you can wash it off as the healing power is already within your palm.”

He explained how to use this healing on someone. “Place this hand vertically over the person’s solar plexus then visualize running the energy up and into the heart.”

Wow , this was totally unexpected and I had just received an enormous blessing. My hand was buzzing like crazy. A little later the bussing subsided but when I practiced on my clients as Cadoka had suggested my hand immediately lit up and I felt tremendous energy. I feel extremely blessed and I received so much more than I had expected.

Cakoda did individual healing on each of us.

Most said this was the most powerful ever

Cakoda. Here he is blessings some stones with oil for my individual distance healings.

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